How Long To Beat Hearts Of Stone

Are you excited to play the newest addition to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? The expansion pack, Hearts of Stone, offers fans a new map filled with new characters, side-quests, and extensive storyline content. But, before diving in deeply, players often wonder how long it takes to beat Hearts of Stone.

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How Long To Beat Hearts Of Stone Game Details

The time to complete the game depends on various factors, such as the player’s gameplay style and level, their grasp of the missions, and whether they prefer to focus solely on the main storyline or explore the side quests in-depth.

On average, players have reported that the base game of The Witcher 3 can take up to 50 – 70 hours to complete, with Hearts of Stone adding an extra 10 – 20 hours of gameplay. It is estimated that the main storyline of Hearts of Stone takes around six to eight hours to complete; however, this depends entirely on the player’s choices and gameplay style.

Playing side-quests can offer hours of fun exploration and added storyline. Hearts of Stone offers around 10 side-quests, some of which are lengthy and challenging and some which are short and sweet. Exploring these side missions can take an additional 8 – 10 hours, increasing the total gameplay time to 18 – 20.

To ensure an optimized experience, playing Hearts of Stone after completing the main campaign is advised, as it provides a wide range of advanced play features and challenges, which may be difficult for beginners to navigate.



In conclusion, Hearts of Stone is a thrilling addition to The Witcher 3 game that offers a comprehensive storyline and varied side-quests. Based on reports and estimations, it is roughly estimated that the game takes around 18 – 20 hours to complete, including the main storyline and a few side-quests. But, as with all games, the time taken to complete it depends on the player’s gameplay style, making it a game worth exploring for gamers who love open-world exploration and storyline-rich games.

So get ready to engulf yourself in this fantastic world, and we wish you an enjoyable and exciting journey through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone expansion pack.

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