How To Delete Telegram Account

How To Delete Telegram Account: Are you tired of using Telegram and want to delete your Telegram account? Deleting your Telegram account is easy, but you must remember a few things before doing so. In this article, we will guide you through deleting your Telegram account.

Steps for How To Delete Telegram Account

Step 1: Back up Your Data Before Deleting TG Account 

Before deleting your Telegram account, ensure you have backed up all the data you want to save. Telegram lets you keep your data, including chats, photos, videos, and files. To back up your data, open the Telegram app and go to Settings > Chat Settings > Export Telegram Data. Select the data you want to save, then click Export.

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Step 2: Delete Your TG Account

To delete your Telegram account:

  1. Access the Telegram deactivation page.
  2. Visit the page by clicking on this link:
  3. Enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account and click on Next.

Telegram will ask you to enter the reason for deleting your account. Select any reason and click on Delete My Account. Once you click on the button, your account will be deactivated immediately.

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Step 3: Confirm the TG Account Deletion

Telegram will send a code to your registered phone number to confirm the deletion. Enter the code in the given field and click on Sign In.

You will see a confirmation message that states, “Your account was successfully deleted.” Your account data will be removed permanently, and you cannot retrieve it.

Conclusion on how To Delete Telegram Account

In conclusion, deleting your Telegram account is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. However, before you delete your account, always back up your data to avoid losing valuable information. Follow the steps above to delete your Telegram account and say goodbye to the app.

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