HP Company Split and Windows 10 Announcement

This week on the Waves of Tech 238, we take a look at this week’s technology news and recap National Podcast Day.  Companies making news this week include Microsoft with their reveal of Windows 10, HP and the eventual company split, and Chase making waves with a personal data breach.  National Podcast Day was a tremendous success, trending on Twitter for over 12 hours.  We recap and speak to the synergy of the podcasting community.  Enjoy the latest from us and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

National Podcast Day

The idea of dedicating an entire day to podcasting probably entered the minds of many, but it took the effort and energy from The Waves of Tech crew to make it become a reality.  With the help of the podcasting community, both podcaster and listener alike, the day was a true hit.  From live broadcasting and trending hashtags to book giveaways and roundtable discussions, the day was full of exciting events.  From us all, thank you!

iPhone 6

We each had an experience in Apple stores over the weekend.  While Dave handled the new phones and opened the Podcasts app on all the screens, Steve purchased the iPhone 6 after realizing the Plus was just too large for his liking.  Hear what each of us have to say about the latest from Apple.

Windows 10

We are proud to say that only Ebola and Windows 10 beat out #podcastday on September 30th…two worthy topics of discussion!  Anyway, Windows 10 has been unveiled by the software PC giant and it looks to have incorporated elements of Windows 8 and the “traditional” Windows look.  This should help bridge the gap between those that despised the 8 layout and also meet Microsoft’s goal of moving forward with a new Windows look and vibe.

Two Thumbs Up Media

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Where In The World Is The Fastest Broadband

Where do you think the US ranks in terms of fastest broadband when compared to other international countries.  Many are surprised to find that the US has chronically ranked about midfield, usually around 23rd-27th.  What is the reasoning behind this?  The US is known for its innovation and tech advancements but continually falls behind in broadband delivery.  Is it really such a big deal or should this be a top priority in the States?

HP to split into two companies

After years of financial woes and business uncertainty, Meg Whitman and HP have decided to split the company in two – HP Inc and HP Enterprise.  One company will focus on the PC and printer operations and the other will prioritize efforts in software and corporate customer service.  It is unusual to see this in the tech industry but it makes sense to us.  HP, after laying off 45,000 employees a few years ago, this may be a good fresh start for the company.

Chase customers

Chase recently announced that nearly 80 million customers had their personal information (names, phone numbers, addresses) stolen from a hacker group.  In essence, the hackers stole a giant phone book.  With the threat of having personal information out there, we provide 4 helpful hints to customers of Chase Bank that may have been a part of this.  It should be noted that no credit card numbers were reported to be stolen.


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