Huffington Post Bans Anonymous Commenting

Welcome to Episode 192!  On this week’s episode, we have a series of tech things to get to.  We open talking about in-store and online donations to charitable organizations.  Second, we tell you about how captcha is quickly becoming a revenue generator for websites.  And finally and at length, discuss Huffington Post’s decision to ban anonymous comments on their site.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride….The Waves of Tech.

TidBits from the week:

Donating in Stores

A recent trend in grocery stores is to ask customers if they “would like to round-up your total and donate to charity?”  It’s simple.  It’s easy.  It’s charitable.  It’s very popular.  Many grocery chains align with non-profit organizations that carry prestige and weight in the name (Susan G. Komen, Prostate Awareness, MS Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) so you know where your money is going.  But what happens when online companies begin asking the same question but don’t provide a list of companies that the donation will go to? Is it a scam or just a lack of disclosure?


We all love to hate on captcha: the not-so friendly security method used by so many websites.  Website operators have now found a way to generate revenue by replacing text-based captcha with video-based captcha, where the user must identify the product and type in its name.  We are not sure what is worst – stumbling through 3-4 tries of captcha text or having to see another advertisement.

Huffington Post Bans Anonymous Comments

The Huffington Post, a site that has garnished over 260 million comments since 2005, is set to deliver a new policy next month.  Their policy is to ban anonymous comments from the site.  Users must now use a profile picture and complete name in order to take part in online commenting.  Of users that visit sites to comment, 35% remain anonymous, 61% utilize some sort of pseudo-name, and 4% use their real name and profile.  Will this make a dent in removing the derogatory and disrespectful commenters?  We will soon find out.

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