IBM PC Introduced 37 Years Ago, Snapchat Dysmorphic Disorder, and Tribal Communities Fight for Broadband

On Episode 412 of The Waves of Tech, we are covering the old and the new in technology.  The IBM PC – Model 5150 – was introduced 37 years ago and we explain its lasting impact on the personal computing marketplace.  Plastic surgeons across America are reporting higher than average requests from patients to receive surgery to look more like the filtering options in apps like Snapchat and Instagram.  The FCC lost a court battle as the agency attempted to eliminate a $25 Internet and phone service subsidy provided to the tribal communities and small regional carriers. And beware of your Craigslist postings, as people are finding new places to squat and also posing as property owners for rental transactions.

Podcast Awards Finalist

WOW!  Once again, The Waves of Tech is a finalist in the Technology Category of the annual Podcast Awards.  After the nominations round, the podcast is one of ten up for the award. Thank you to our listener base and friends of the podcast for the continue support!  Winners are announced live on International Podcast Day, September 30.

59 Days of Code & Central Valley Technology

We had the opportunity to attend 59 Days of Code’s #thecompetition in Fresno over the weekend.  The event brought together hundreds of regional technology developers and creators in effort to build an application to solve a problem within their community.  We cover some of the details here, with more interviews and conversation in future episodes.

This Day in Tech History – The IBM PC

August 12, 1981 was the debut of IBM’s personal computer – Model 5150.  As the emerging PC market was initially forming, their first plunge into the marketplace was only intended to be a stop-gap unit until a better PC could be manufactured.  Incredibly, only 12 people worked on the development of the product with what’s been deems off-the-shelf components.

  • The quick design greatly hindered any sort of intense software capabilities
  • What started as a stop-gap eventually became the default in business computing
  • The choice of using Microsoft’s DOS allowed companies to quickly clone the IBM PC
  • The Model 5150 truly revolutionized the enterprise market and adjusted history books

Plastic Surgery Meets Snapchat Filters

In a growing concern from The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, surgeons are reporting a significant increase in patient wanted to receive plastic surgery to look more like the filters used in Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps.  Thousands are quoted as wanted to look better in selfies as their ultimate goal.

  • One dermatologist stated that social apps are “blurring the line of reality and fantasy”
  • The access to instantaneous photo editing apps and software has an influence
  • A British cosmetic doctor coined the phrase “Snapchat dysmorphia”
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a growing concern with the advent of filtering

The FCC Tries to Cut Tribal Subsidies, Loses in Court

Last year, we reported on actions taken by the FCC to move towards removing the Lifeline subsidy nationwide.  The federal subsidy reduces the overall cost of phone and Internet service for poorer communities by $25 per month.  The FCC’s move was challenged by a number of tribal communities and small carriers. The court favored on the side of the people and carriers.

  • Removing this subsidy would only hinder access to service and resources
  • Education, business, homelife, and progress would all suffer from no subsidy
  • FCC has shown that they favor large carriers over small carriers, win for the little guys
  • Waste, fraud, and abuse are rampant through the program, FCC should focus there

Serial Squatters and Home Rental

There are a lot of bad apples out there looking to pawn your property to the lowest bidder leaving you high and dry with more questions than answers.  After recently posting a rental house on Craigslist, a family friend’s information was essentially stolen. On some occasions, individuals use a posting and pose as owners in an effort to defraud a potential renter.

  • Additional controls should be implemented by Craiglist to limit this theft
  • Many people are finding serial squatters after listing rental units on such sites
  • Some individuals out there are looking to capitalize on you and your property
  • Check on your property, call police, monitor your online information

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