IGTV, Facebook Marketplace, AT&T Privacy Update And AppNexus

On Episode 405 of The Waves of Tech, we are hitting you with the tech news that you need to know about.  Instagram surprised everyone this week with the release of IGTV – a stand alone long-form video application for content creators and consumers.  The Facebook Marketplace is a feature of the social media giant that is often under reported on but has some great benefits for buyers and sellers of goods.  Following their acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T released a privacy policy update. The FAQ page is one of the most comprehensive pages out there. And finally, AppNexus has been bought by AT&T as the telecom giant pushes into digital advertising to compete with the likes of Facebook and Verizon.

Instagram’s Stand Alone Video App – IGTV

If you missed the news, Instagram has releases their own stand alone video app for content creators – IGTV.  The new long-form video app allows users to create upwards of 60 minute high quality videos, complimenting the app with visual graphics, picture overlays, emoji features, and much more.  IGTV is positioned to compete with SnapChat and YouTube.

  • IGTV was quietly rolled out last week with very little fanfare but quickly gained traction
  • Instagram is creating its own destination for those consuming video content
  • Long-form video is perfect as they look to build upon the success of Instagram Stories
  • Be sure to update your app to receive the IGTV button

Facebook Marketplace Experience

Steve had a Harley.  Steve needed to sell his Harley.  So, Steve went to Facebook Marketplace.  The Marketplace is a feature of Facebook that is often used , but it is not reported about very often.  We’ve read the success stories of individuals selling home furnishings, vehicles, golf clubs, recreational gear, and more.  Steve shares his successful story of using the Marketplace.

AT&T Privacy Update After Time Warner Acquisition

Well, that sure didn’t take long!  AT&T sent out via email their updated privacy policy with the acquisition and merger of assets with Time Warner.  And we are giving some major credit to AT&T for their work and transparency regarding the policy. They put together one of the most robust Privacy Policy FAQ pages we have ever seen (link below).

  • They disclosure how certain information is used or shared outside AT&T companies
  • You can visit att.com/yourchoices to see how certain information is shared
  • Major items covering in the FAQ – Scope of this Policy; The Information We Collect, How We Collect It, And How We Use It; Information Sharing; Online Activity Tracking and Advertising; Location Information; Aggregate and Anonymous Information; External Marketing & Analytics Reports; Online Privacy Policy for Children; Data Protection & Security; Choices & Controls

AT&T Picks Up AppNexus – A Digital Advertising Company

In continuing the conversation with AT&T and their positioning as a new telcomm giant, they have acquired AppNexus.  AppNexus, well known if the industry, is a leading global advertising marketplace technology company. With now having control of TNT, CNN, TBS, and much more, this purchase allows AT&T to target users and opens up opportunity for growth and profit.

  • The deal is essential a push to compete in ad space with Google, Facebook, Verizon
  • AT&T can expand globally into Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and Latin America
  • Advertising, analytics, data collection, data processing is the future for AT&T
  • This opens the door for them to push their content in various forms to users

13th Annual Podcast Awards

It’s always fun to jump into an awards competition!  The longest running podcast related awards event is onto its 13th year.  The Podcast Awards is an excellent way to vote for your favorite podcasts, spread the word about podcasts you love, and even find a new podcast to subscribe to.  Starting July 1, nominations are open and The Waves of Tech is proud to be part of the process again this year.

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