Impacts of Radio Shack Bankruptcy

On Episode 252 of The Waves of Tech, we talk about the endless possibilities associated with the recent news of the Radio Shack bankruptcy and store closures.  Amazon, Sprint, and Google are rumored to be taking over the brick-and-mortars.  We focus on a move the Postal Service is making in some regions of the nation in reaction to changes in communication methods.  As we enter 2015, the FCC is posed to make a ruling on net neutrality.  Their ruling will shape the future of Internet usage.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Radio Shack Closure

News hit this week that Radio Shack, after experiencing 95 years of success, have filed for bankruptcy.  Now, the rumors and agreements are flying around the industry.  Who may take over the store fronts?  We have heard that Amazon may be in line for 2,000 stores.  Sprint, as they try to stay relevant in the cell industry with a new store concept, are rumored to factor into the bid for a few brick-and-mortars.  One journalist is arguing a case for Google to snatch up each and every Radio Shack front.

USPS Scaling Back

You may be seeing less and less blue mailboxes on the sidewalks these days.  As we have changed our means of communication, including more email, social media, and streaming services, the Postal Service is scaling back on the blue mailboxes.  The USPS has removed 240,000 boxes since 1985, with an estimated only 160,000 on the streets.  So, have you utilized a box recently?  Some may be hard pressed to remember the last time they used one.

Battle for the Internet

Everyone needs to head over to right now!  On February 26th, the FCC will make a ruling as to the future of Internet access.  The largest ISPs want to control and limit the Internet.  In essence, the big players want to control access to the web by introducing slow lanes and fast lanes.  Head over to the site and sign a petition to inform your local representative that you stand against the regulation of the Internet and want an open system that promotes innovation and freedom of access.

Ebay – Use caution

Just a quick cautionary tale of what can happen when shopping online.  A man purchased a MacBook on EBay for $450 and received…a box with only a picture of a MacBook.  What a scam!  EBay has promised to reimbursement the customer.  Regardless of positive reviews and a history of good results, we as online shoppers are always vulnerable.  There are always people out there looking to scam and cheat people.


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