Improve Customer Service With Simple Technology

This week on The Waves of Tech 221, we have a variety of topics to cover!  We start by discussing a very simple technological steps smaller companies are taking to reduce wait times and improve customer service.  Texting while driving is always a hot topic so find out what move Apple is making.  The ISS gets a nice Easter delivery and Bill Gates talks about philanthropy.  Finally, we discuss the Supreme Court case involving broadcast networks and the startup, Aereo.

Furniture Delivery Tracking & Automobile Service Tracking

Nobody likes to wait…especially when it comes to car maintenance and service calls to the house.  Sitting, waiting for 3-4 hours is just totally ridiculous.  And then we have to pay lots of money for the service!!  Plenty of smaller companies are improving their customer satisfaction rates by using one simple tools – estimating arrival times and vehicle service times.  Hear two success stories from Steve over the past few weeks.

Apple aims to disable texting while driving

Apple is working on a patent that, in essence, locks down texting features within your phone while you are driving.  Apple is looking at an automated approach to making the roads a bit safer for us all.  Not many details are out there as of now but stay tuned.  With Apple’s CarPlay finding its way into 2014 models, this feature may be here sooner than later.

Easter delivery to ISS

We often forget that those in space need supplies…lots of supplies.  Due to a month delay, the astronauts inhabiting the ISS received an Easter Basket in the form of 2 tons of food, care packages from NASA and family members, and a new computer to replace a faulty backup system.  We love talking space news on the show and love it even more when it coincides with the Easter holiday.

Bill Gates & Charity

Mr. Bill Gates has made it a core value and has stayed very focused on charitable giving – to the note of roughly $38 billion in his lifetime.  It is without question that his donations have made a remarkable impact on society and culture.  In a recent interview with Reddit, Gates stated that a his donations are less valuable than a person donating $20, especially when that person had to sacrifice a meal, an event, or gift to donate.

Supreme Court and Television;  Latest news

Man, oh man.  The Supreme Court is center stage.  The battle between the broadcast networks and Aereo is in full effect.  To file it down, broadcasters argue that Aereo is operating illegally under copyright law by retransmitting what is know to be free content for $8/month to subscribers in eleven different cities.  Aereo states that providing this free content through a different medium, such as mobile devices, is within the boundaries of copyright law.  We elaborate on the details on the case and make our case.

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