Learning Costs And Breakthrough Life Sciences

Welcome to Episode 210 of The Waves of Tech…where we talk in a different way. On this week’s podcast, we ask you a simple question – when was the last time you said “hey, what’s that?” We explore a host of tech news issues including Mac’s 30th birthday, the impact of net neutrality, texting while walking, Pinterest adds features, and Breakthrough Life Sciences. Thanks for checking out the podcast and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech!

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Mac’s 30th Birthday
We have a small birthday celebration for the Mac who turns 30 this week.  Many of us that use to say “the only thing apples are good for is eating” are now eating our words because we have adopted many of their devices and platforms.  With major innovations year after year, the Mac product line has seen success in the billions for Apple.  Join us in saying Happy Birthday, Mac!!

Increased learning costs
If you heard of the latest court ruling striking down FCC regulations about net neutrality, you may not have thought about the influence that decision may have on the educational system.  As a whole, the system has grown accustomed to open and affordable Internet access.  Verizon, Comcast, and TWC have said they don’t plan on pursuing tiered pricing but we will wait and see.

Texting while walking
We have all fallen victim to walking and texting and many of us have experience the consequences of doing so – running into signs or poles, slipping off a curb, or even falling into water!  With that said, be cautious of there.  A new study from Australia found that texting while walking creates similar reacts as being drunk.  Body position, posture, and gait all change when texting.

Pinterest starts predicting; Adds dietary filters
As Pinterest’s user based evolves, so does the company.  Each of the 48 million active desktops users now have an “Explore Interests” function.  This new predictability function is set to provide users a more specific search in the infinite quest for the perfect pin.  Couple predictions with more detailed dietary filters for recipe searches, we can see Pinterest is evolving.

Breakthrough Life Sciences
We don’t often talk about achievement awards ceremonies on the show.  Well, that’s because there are very few base in tech and science.  Thanks to some major players in developing research and technology, we have the Life Sciences Breakthrough Prizes.  These awards are presented for achievements in curing disease, advances in medical research, and scientific breakthroughs.

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