InfoWars Banned And Common Tech Courtesy

On Episode 411 of The Waves of Tech, we are coming with another packed podcast covering all things tech.  Alex Jones and his InfoWars content has been banned and removed from multiple platforms for inciting violence, harassment of individuals, and violation of hate speech conditions.  Outside of the major social networks, there are several niche and unique networks out there to join – beer drinkers, creative artists, supernatural, film, and more. The AT&T and Time Warner Cable deal received a slight setback with an appeal filed by the Justice Department.  And finally, we cover the lack of common courtesy when people utilize devices in public.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

World Wide Web in 27 Years Old

August 6, 1991 – the day the world wide web went live.  27 years ago in the United States, history was made and it have completely revolutionized the way we network, conduct business, consume media, and delivery content.  We pay homage with a brief history lesson.

Alex Jones Banned by Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify

Monday’s social media headlines took a sharp turn when it was announced by Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and Stitcher that they had removed Alex Jones’ and InfoWars’ content from their platform.  Alex Jones is well known for his hateful speech, incitement to violence, and incredibly terrible conspiracy theories around some of the most sensitive events in history.

  • Apple yanked five podcasts citing the violation of guidelines and promoting hate speech
  • Jones incited violence towards Muslims, transgender individuals, and immigrants
  • YouTube deleted the content after InfoWars received a 3rd strike against themselves
  • Harassment, hate speech, glorifying violence have all been referenced in news release

Nine Niche Social Networks to Consider

When it comes to social networks, we typically lean towards the big five – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yelp.  Now is the time when we should be seeking out and potentially redefining what a social network is. We dive into a few unique and specialized networks that are bringing like minded and interested parties together under the umbrella of on application.

  • Untappd – network for those interested in rating, reviewing, sharing craft beers
  • Dribbble – an invite-only membership system for creative professionals
  • Supernatural Connections – for the lovers of ghost hunting and supernatural activity
  • Letterboxd – a film fanatic’s dream come true to organize and review films

AT&T and Time Warner Merger Revisited

As with most mergers in the United States, things take their time and are often not over until the process circles through the judicial system two or three times.  That is the case with the previously discussed acquisition of Time Warner Cable by AT&T. The US Justice Department is appealing the previous decision to allow the merger to move forward.

  • Attorneys argue the judge’s economic analysis was flawed and inaccurate
  • Statements have been made that the judge “clearly erred” in his judgement
  • This set only seems like an attempt to slow the process down, not reserve a decision
  • The brief argues that the judge’s analysis of the industry was “internally inconsistent”

Common Courtesy of Using Technology in Public

Here we go again.  Most times technology is amazing.  Most times technology is helpful. And then sometimes technology can ruining someone’s evening or social gathering.  In this case, Steve shares a few personal stories of parents allowing their children to use a tablet with the volume so high that it disrupts a dinner environment.

  • At what point do we jump in and ask the parents to turn down the volume
  • Are we missing out on moments to spend with our children and family
  • Etiquette with technological devices seems to dwindle year by year
  • Put your devices away, enjoy the company, and let’s be better humans

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