InSight Lands on Mars and Apple’s Day In Court

On Episode 424 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving deep into the technology news that matter!  We learned this week that Amazon now has a deal with Apple to sell most of the Apple products on the online retailer’s marketplace.  Absent from that is the HomePod and for good reason. InSight landed on Mars this week as it is set to explore and teach us more about what’s going on beneath the surface of the red planet.  In more Apple news, the Silicon Valley giant is battling with iPhone users over the 30% commission earned from app store purchases and app developers. Lastly, we share a few stories related to customer service, cancelling accounts, and strange mapping directions.  The Waves of Tech is powered by  Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’

Amazon & Apple Partnership Grows

As reported by The Verge and CNET, Amazon has struck a deal with Apple to sell a number of their products via the online retailer’s marketplace.  Beginning very soon, you’ll find a majority of the Apple products for sale – iPhone, iPad, Watch. Absent from that list is of course HomePod, which is in direct competition with the Echo devices and Alexa technology.

  • Much of Amazon’s future is based on Echo & Alexa product integration
  • Companies currently selling Apple products need to apply to become official resellers
  • Smart move on both sides of the aisle, enhance to shopping experience and options
  • Will be available in US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India

Mars’ InSight Lands, Draws Excitement

On the afternoon of November 26. InSight successfully and safely landed on the Red Planet to much jubilation across the world.  The main job of the lander is explore and understand what’s going beneath the surface of Mars. InSight took a 300-million mile journey to the 4th planet of the solar system and initially sent several photos confirming its location.

  • InSight’s protective body did withstand temperatures of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Check out “On a Mission”, a NASA podcast on the journey of the lander
  • The implications of what they find below surface may have lasting scientific effect

Apple’s Potential Court Date Against Users

So, try to follow us with this one.  We learned today that the United States Supreme Court was hearing preliminary arguments in a case that could be brought against Apple.  iPhone users argue that the 30% commission Apple takes from app developers is negatively affecting customers, causing undue financial harm and creating a burden on iPhone owners.

  • The 30% results from the sale of someone’s app via the App Store
  • Not one app developer has sued Apple over the commission fee to date
  • Lawsuit could drastically alter mobile software ecosystem for every tech giant
  • Rumors are that Apple may be hit with millions of dollars in penalties

A Few “Steve Stories” for Today

As you know, Steve always has the best luck when dealing with technology companies (not really, but let’s roll with it).  Steve shares two stories. First, he experimented with cancelling his SiriusXM account to prove a point in customer service and customer retention.  His story demonstrated a growing problem with the amount of control a consumer has over their ability to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel their accounts.  And secondly, he shares a bizarre story of Google Maps which in fact provided completely opposite directions for the two people travelling in the same car.  Never heard of that!

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