Kodak Instamatic Turns 50 and What Tim Cook is Doing Right

Welcome to Waves of Tech, Episode 175! After celebrating ’s 1000th network episode, we are back to talk a little tech for the day. First off, we discuss the impression Tim Cook is leaving on Apple as its CEO.  The decisions he is making today are making Apple a stronger company, internally and externally. In our second segment, we celebrate the Kodak Instamatic turning 50 this month and how the development of a simple camera in 1963 revolutionized the camera and photography industry.

The Smartest Things Tim Cook Has Done Since Becoming Apple’s CEO

When Tim Cook took the reigns of Apple after the passing of Steve Jobs, it was one of those good news / bad news situations.  As the comparisons continue to be made about Cook living up to Jobs, we believe Cook has made a series of great decisions as CEO including: creating the iPad Mini, apologizing for Apple Maps, settling lawsuits with HTC & Samsung, creating a matching charitable donation program, and promoting and/or maintaining key design staff. Check out the show and link above for a more comprehensive list of accomplishments that we believe have solidified Cook’s position as Apple CEO.

Kodak Instamatic turns 50

The Kodak Instamatic was introduced in the UK in February of 1963 and then in the US in March of 1963, selling for the price of $19. The first line of Instamatics included fixed shutter speed, aperture, focus, and “peanut” bulbs for flash use. Between 1963 and 1970, more than 50 million Instamatics were sold. The Instamatic can be seen as the original line of point-and-shoot cameras that eventually lead to further development and innovation in camera and photography technology. As the Instamatic turns 50 this week, we reminisce on the series and single out its importance to today’s technology.

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