Intel’s Olympics Drone Show, Olympians Train Using VR, Falcon Heavy, Equifax Hack is Back

First up, Intel’s impressive drone show during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony caught the attention of many by setting a new World Record with 1,218 drones flying simultaneously.  In preparing for the Olympics many athletes, including the US ski team, utilized virtual reality technology to train and prepare for their events.  Falcon Heavy launched last week to much fanfare and celebration, proving that space exploration and scientific discovery is still only in its infancy.  To those affected by the Equifax security hack, more troubles may be on the horizon as we learned the breach is more significant than previously reported.

Intel’s Record Breaking Olympics Drone Show

The Winter Olympics are back!  And that means another round of people’s favorite event – The Opening Ceremony.  This year’s ceremony dazzled with artistry, passion, and cultural meaning.  One cool element was Intel’s drone show that featured a World Record 1,218 drones working simultaneously to feature the Olympic ring, a snowboarder, and a dove.

  • Due to weather conditions, viewers saw a pre-recorded broadcast of the drone flight
  • Intel beat their own previous World Record of 500 drones set in Germany
  • The Olympics ceremony features augmented reality to enhance the experience
  • Check the link below for a picture of the drones and to watch the video

Virtual Reality Helps Athletes Stay Competitive in Olympics

Many of the United States ski team, including superstars Lindsey Vonn and Laurenne Ross, used VR to help prepare, train, and stay competitive for the Olympics.  A virtual construct of the PyeongChang course allowed skiers to mimic the slopes.  Ross used VR during rehabilitation sessions to remain focused and sharp while coming back from a significant knee injury.

  • VR can be used to can a slight edge in training, preparation, and focus
  • VR allows skiers to react to different conditions and course layouts
  • The technology is being embraced by trainers, athletes, and specialists alike
  • Using technology to stay focused mentally and psychologically is key to success

Falcon Heavy…Absolutely Amazing

Last week, the world was left breathless as the SpaceX team launched the world’s largest rocket into space with two additional boosters and a Tesla Roadster set atop the unit.  Both boosters and the rocket returned home with pinpoint accuracy and the Roadster was left to orbit space.  What else can be said…pure amazement and celebration.

  • Falcon Heavy is the most powerful operational rocket ever launched into orbit
  • It has the capability of carrying 141,000 pounds of payload for future missions
  • SpaceX has single handedly resparked the interest of millions of space enthusiasts
  • The cumulative impact of SpaceX’s scientific contribution cannot be overstated

When We Thought the Equifax Breach Couldn’t Get Worse

Equifax now has federal agencies, states officials, and members of Congress probing the credit bureau company over data security practices, customer services concerns, and potential insider trading between executives.  The breach is now suspected to have compromised individual’s birth dates, tax identification numbers, and much more.

  • Equifax has utterly failed at informing the public and Congress about the security breach
  • Elizabeth Warren is championing the fight to hold them accountable for the damages
  • Executives has demonstrated incompetent, arrogant, and contradictory positions
  • We may only be feeling the first wave of consequences of the security hack

When Tech Does or Does Not Tackle a Problem

Think about the one thing in your technology world that continues to drive you crazy…and consider why the tech industry has not tackled the problem.  For us, we think of two things – printers and garage cleaning robots.  Now consider what tech shouldn’t touch and try to improve.  Board games and puzzles are items that jump into our heads.  It makes sense that technology has tackled communication and we are all better off because of it.


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