International Mobile and The Gigabit City Challenge

This week’s shows brings you a 30 minute discussion on our ability to use Netflix and HBO in the international setting and professional market and the “Gigabit City Challenge” proposed by the FCC Chairman.

Netflix, HBO, ESPN, International use

Popular services, that we take for granted accessing within the 50 United States, are often left unavailable to consumers as the conduct business and pleasure in the international setting.  Paid consumer subscriptions for services like Netflix, HBO Go, and ESPN are unavailable in certain areas such as India and other eastern areas.  Hear what we have to say about this in the first half of the show.

Gigabit City Challenge

In an effort to expand access nationwide, the FCC Chairman has throw out a proclamation to all 50 states challenging them to deliver 1 gigabit connectivity by 2015.  In an effort to spawn innovation, creative, new infrastructure, and fresh ideas in connectivity, the FCC Chairman challenges techies and governments alike to make this a success.  This raises more questions than answers.  How about the rural areas of the nation?  Why have we tailored connectivity to the massive data consumers?  We tackle these questions and have a lengthy discussion about the proposal from the FCC.

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