Internet Sales Tax And Not So Smart-Phone Usage

We have a packed podcast in this week’s episode of Waves of Tech.  The Internet Sales Tax debate has pushed through the Senate and heads to the House for debate.  YouTube is beginning partnerships with large enterprises to bring a paid subscription-based policy on board.  And finally, we discuss some of the off-the-wall and not so smart things we do on our smartphones.

Senate passes Internet sales tax

The way in which consumers shop has drastically changed the past decade.  The major shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping has changed the landscape of shopping habits, tax revenues, and corporate development.  The debate over an Internet sales tax bill has been brewing for many years and has now passed the Senate and heads to the House for debate.  With some pending exemptions to be determined, online retailers, who have gathered nearly $226 billion last year alone, that have a presence in an individual state will have to pay state tax.  Are you a fan of this debate or not….let us know.

Youtube paid channels

YouTube could launch its paid subscription service for some of its specialty video channels as early as this week, reports are stating.  The alleged subscription service could give YouTube and content providers another revenue stream.  YouTube has reached out to only a handful of content providers and producers, such as Howcast and The Onion, in developing a suitable platform.  Advertising on YouTube and rival video sites has risen fast, from $2.93 billion to $4.14 billion in 2013.  This is a major revenue stream YouTube wants to tap in to.

Things we do on our smartphones

In a very interesting post on’s GadgetBox column, a journalist provided an extensive list of dumb things we do with our smartphones.  We can all probably make a list in our heads right now of a personal list of dumb things, either things we do or things we don’t like.  Are you guilty of any of these:  Take and post an excessive amount of food pictures?  Settle arguments via text?  Too much walking and surfing?


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