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Welcome to Waves of Tech #177, where we bring you technology from a different angle. On this week’s episode, we dedicate the entire show to discussing the technology used during the Boston Bombing and subsequent Boston manhunt. We dive into new age tech advancements and into some older viable systems still in place. We love to hear from our listeners and contact us through contact form.

Technology in the Boston Bombing

With so many technologies out there in use by law enforcement, we dive through a list being used during the Boston Bombing and ensuing hunt for the suspects.  We so often forget that law enforcement agencies have a flurry of resources at their disposal that find their premise in technology, technological advancements, and even military influence.  Let us not forget the intuitive skills gained by the men and women on the ground through experience, history, and training.  Some of the technologies utilized by various branches of law enforcement and government security agencies include: crowdsourcing, smartphone video and stills, surveillance camera, facial recognition, computer forensics, radio communications; night vision goggles, and FLIR.  With mediums such as Twitter and picture sharing platforms, we were able to experience, to an extent, the way Bostonians lived their lives over the course of a few days.


We all dislike when sporting events are blacked out – whether it is a regional game we are interesting in seeing, a professional football game blacked out for low ticket sales, or the occasional time we tune in to check out a hockey game.  Steve came across a gem of a service provided to DirecTV customers when trying to find an alternative broadcast to a blacked out event.

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