International Podcast Day 2015 Preview And More Drone Interference

International Podcast Day 2015On Episode 279 of The Waves of Tech, we are back with some good ole’ tech talk over taking a short break planning for International Podcast Day. This week, we begin by discussing the upcoming International Podcast Day event on September 30th. We next share a personal story of recreational drone activity interfering with emergency response and offer solutions for the growing problem. Car manufacturers are introducing the new standard coming to automobiles in the USA – automatic emergency braking systems. And finally, we offer some ideas for how to stop social media sites from tracking you online. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

International Podcast Day

The second annual International Podcast Day is only two weeks away!  This year, Steve and Dave have put together over 30+ hours of live podcast streaming, covering the entire globe.  We have podcasters represented in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Finland, UK, Scotland, Canada, Argentina, and USA.  Check out for more details.

Drone interference Tehachapi Fire

Living in California comes with it’s own fair share of risk – earthquakes, drought, and fires.  This year fires are tearing through the State causing unspeakable damage.  People that are not helping the cause are recreational drone enthusiasts.  A drone interfered with emergency response personnel fighting a fire only a few miles away from Steve’s house.  Response was halted nearly 30 minutes.  We offer solutions and ideas to begin curbing this chronic issue.

Automakers to Make Automatic Braking Standard on U.S. Vehicles

A big development is taking place in the automotive industry.  Not since the airbag installation of the 1980s has there been a major movement to a standardized function in vehicles…until now.  Car manufacturers in the USA have decided to press on with the development of automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.  These systems will include lasers, monitors, radars, and cameras to monitor road conditions in an attempt to reduce vehicular accidents and resulting deaths.  Some systems are available as options right now on limited car series.  Within the next few years, AEB will be the standard on all domestic cars and trucks.

Stop Facebook from tracking you online

Tired of those Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and EBay suggested advertisements popping up in your feeds?  Well, check out the link above and find out a few simple steps you can take to prevent big tech companies and advertising giants from collecting your data, your location, and your shopping habits.  Read through the information, as it may end some of your frustration associated with online tracking.

New show promos

We are proud to announce the addition of four new shows to the Modern Life Podcast Network – The Linked In Lady Show, Social Solutions Show, and Uncommon Sense for Leaders, and Podcast Help Desk.

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