iPods Aid Alzheimer’s Patients And Fire TV

This week on The Waves of Tech 218, we provide all the details surrounding Amazon’s Fire TV.  We dive into how technology is improving the lives of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases in nursing homes.  We also discuss saving water by using a smart sprinkler system and how public shaming of those that text while drive may be the next step in creating more driver awareness.  Hope you enjoy the show and we love that you decided to stop and ride…the waves of tech.

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon is now taking orders for their latest competitive product – Fire TV.  In direct competition with Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, their $100 set-top system is designed and marketed towards those living and breathing in the Amazon ecosystem.  It boasts a dual-core processor, dedicated GPU, and dual band Wi-Fi.  There’s always room for another set-top box competitor in the ring…now let’s see if anyone comes out victorious.

iPods Used To Treat Alzheimer’s Patients
The Wisconsin Music and Memory Initiative is providing iPods to over 100 nursing homes in the state of Wisconsin in a pilot scheme to improve memory, boost social interaction, and create better moods.  The use of music is paying off in where residents are taking less medication from anxiety related issues.  The state Department of Human Services is looking to expand the program to another 35 facilities by this spring.

Microsoft Finally Gave Away MS-DOS
One business principle Microsoft has been dedicated to has been this – open source would cut into its core business.  The company, a proprietary software giant, has always sang that tune up until now.  Microsoft has released the code to MS-DOS and the 1990 Microsoft Office.  Other companies, such as Google, have flourishes in the open source market.  If anything, we believe this release is more symbolic in nature but we can hope for more to come from Microsoft.

Amazon Trade-in
Do you have some old electronics, books, movies, music, and video games laying around the house?  With Amazon’s trade-in program, you will receive instant quotes, free shipping for their items, and get paid with Amazon Gift Cards.  Just go to https://thewavesoftech.com/tradein

Smart Sprinkler System
Rachio has developed a great new product that can save you money and save Mother Nature some of its most valuable resource – water.  Rachio is now accepted pre-orders for their Iro smart system.  The system accounts for regional characteristics, such as annual rainfall, humidity levels, soil composition, and seasonal factors.  The system automatically adjusts to seasonal changes and learns what works best for your yard…so you don’t have to.

Billboards Exposing Drivers That Text; Texting While in Traffic site
Don’t be a TWIT!!  That meaning “Texting while in traffic.”  The latest grassroots movement is to give a visual presence to what it means to text while driving.  Check out twitstopping.com for the idea behind the movement.  The same guy running the site is also spending his own cash and putting up billboards featuring people TWITing.  He hopes that this visual representation will change the perspective and create a safer roadway for everyone.

Blubrry Media Stats
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