Is Multi-Tasking A Good Thing

We are at it again folks! Episode 135 finds Jim, Steve, and Dave reunited in another fun-filled tech podcast extravaganza. In this episode, we question our own ability to multitask, discuss the etiquette of using technology, and explain how one company’s digitized check-in process is nothing but user friendly. Sit back and enjoy the next 30 minutes of riding….the waves of tech

Is Multi-Tasking a good thing?

In today’s personal and professional work space, we are all expected to balance multiple tasks and projects throughout the day. The problem is most of our attention gets diverted because other tasks, coworkers, or bosses while attempting to accomplish these tasks. Well, that’s where we believe multi-tasking as a skill set comes into play. But, and be very honest, are we truly a good multi-tasking person or society? We want to believe we are, but multi-tasking is not an easy thing to accomplish. Tell us your thoughts on your ability or inability to multi-task.

 Technology etiquette and courtesy

You would think some common courtesy, etiquette, and human decency could be used by some folks when using their tech devices. We all know what I’m talking about. It’s the man in the restaurant that is “sharing” his conversation with everyone around him. It’s the lady in the bookstore check out line that refuses to end her call when she comes to the counter. It’s the teenager that blasts the video game sounds in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. What is it about this act that so frustrates us. And what is it about those that perform this act that don’t realize how rude it actually is. So, the three of us vent a little bit and move on…

 The Digitized Check-in Process for Amtrak

Amtrak recently invested $7.5 million to digitize their check-in process. We all agree that it was well worth it and long overdue. Amtrak, starting this summer, will be making the switch to an Apple iPhone system that allows conductors to track passenger moving, submit maintenance requests, and prepare for disabled passengers prior to arrival. The friendly app (currently on iOS, soon to be on Android) allows passengers to check in and switch destinations without going through the previously antiquated process. The digital switch simply provides the users of Amtrak an economical and efficient traveling experience.


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