It Is All About Making Deals

On Episode 266 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about making deals – Verizon buys AOL and Spotify teams with Starbucks.  That’s right, Verizon spent $4.4 billion for the old school dial-up company of AOL.  With respect, AOL has evolved into a major online content creator and a major advertising giant.  The only music streaming business continues to boom.  Spotify has partnered with Starbucks that will allow customers to select and create playlists while in store.  Also, we talk about when it’s good and bad to be distracted by your cell phones.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Verizon buys AOL

In the constant executive swapping and tech giant buyouts, Verizon spent $4.4 billion for the purchase of AOL.  AOL, typically the punching bag of major tech analysts, has developing into a major online content creator and a major hub for advertising.  Verizon has the future vision to become the leader in the mobile content industry, both in TV channels and publications.  There are many in opposition to the deal, citing past failed attempts of AOL to prove profitable and a game changer in the tech industry.

Spotify deal with Starbucks

Historically, Starbucks has always been a supporter of the underground and emerging music scene.  The Seattle-based coffee continues to further their dedication to the scene by teaming up with Spotify.  The deal work with coffee customers premium membership and will allow visitors to influence which tunes are played in the store while sipping on macchiatos and slow drip coffee.  This deal may prove profitable for Spotify, as they can expect several added premium memberships to their total.

Limit Phone Use at Playgrounds?

A new study out of the University of Washington is showing that small majority of caregivers, those watching children during the day, are in a constant state of distraction due to their cell phones.  Many did not hear cries from their children and failed to respond to a child trying to get their attention.  This translates into a distraction rate that is five times the rate of people chatting, engaging with another kid, or just spacing out.  With that said, many are using phones to snap photos to send pictures to family members and planning the night’s events.

Digital LA’s Podcasting Panel (#PodcastLA)

Dave and Anaya (co-host of Busy Ladies) took a late night trip to downtown Hollywood to take part in Digital LA’ Podcasting Panel.  The panel and event focused on questions and answers for those new to the space and looking for answers to their issues.  There were great quote and takeaways from the event.  Check out #PodcastLA for a recap of the event.

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