Kevin Horek Creative Director and User Experience Strategist

On Episode 270 of The Waves of Tech, we are excited to talk with Kevin Horek – Creative Director and User Experience Strategist with Hybrid Forge.  Kevin provides us with a very distinct behind the scene look into the application design and development industry.  We discuss the strategist’s and design perspective on user interface and dive into the different design features that work for different industries (healthcare, startups, retail, government, travel).  Kevin breaks down some intricacies of web and native mobile platforms as well.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech

Kevin Horek – Creative Director and User Experience Strategist

Kevin is an accomplished designer, TechZulu contributor, and soon to be radio host and podcaster.  He writes for TechZulu on topics such as collaboration as a team, experiences with Oculus Rift, wearables, and much more.  Check out his portfolio page for his design work in the web and mobile space.  Find all of Kevin’s work here.  We guarantee you will appreciate his work.

The application industry is one that is dynamic and relevant.  Companies are looking for apps that are functional.  Some look for apps to be appealing, modern, and sexy.  On the other hand, some companies may be looking for applications that are efficient, cost effective, profitable, or memorable.  Whatever the case, Kevin has the answer and the design mind to make it happen.  As we discuss the application development industry, Kevin shares many of the insider concepts associated with design – infrastructure, usability, target audience, features for the visually disabled, and the mobile platform space.  He also touches upon the different industries that require a bit of a unique touch when it comes to application design and functionality.  What role does cost and time have in the design process?  What role does infrastructure have in design capabilities?  What is the relationship like between the developer, the designer, and the company?  Kevin shares his experiences and thoughts with us.

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