Kindle Fire, Voicemail Death, and Helping Children Create Games

Welcome to Episode 150!

The Waves of Tech has reached another milestone and we look forward to many more. This week we explore a couple different topics. First, we explore Amazon’s next move with the Kindle Fire this coming holiday season. Second, we explain the drop in voicemail usage in the past year. And finally, we discuss the importance of children learning programming and creativity with tech in the early years. Hope you enjoy the podcast!


Amazon says Kindle Fire is “Sold Out”
The holiday season is 3 months outs and of course it’s time to start talking about what the tech giants will be doing, selling, and marketing this season. Amazon has jumped the gun and will be announcing the potential newest version of the Kindle lineup. Amazon is stating that their first generation color screen, third party app platform is sold out. Get all the details here.

Voicemail down 10% this past year
Voicemail, both in receiving and checking, has dropped dramatically in use. Many signs point to the rise in mobile communicating and the ease of text messaging. Where do you see the need to voicemails in a world of instant gratification and instant messaging? Send us a comment and let us know whether you use voicemails as a primary function in your industry.

Construct2 and Kids programming. Check out
Services like Scirra and Construct2 lets everyone create amazing and fun games using online tools and basic programming protocols. With a great need for the current generation of children to start grasping the understanding of technology, science, and engineering, Construct2 bridges that gap. Not only does it create that environment of learning, it also teaches children key values such as being analytical, focusing on details, giving attention to structure, and so much more. Tune in to the conversation and let us know what you think!


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