Kindle Time Controls And High Tech Traffic Signals

Welcome to Waves of Tech!! It’s great to have you onboard and online. This week, the crew throws out an honest review of the iPhone 5 and what its pros and cons are. High-tech traffic signal systems are now being introduced in the Pittsburgh area which are proving to be quite effective and inexpensive. Finally, we comb through the educational tech realm with some Guided Access and establishing time controls through the Kindle Fire. Join the conversation at and leave a comment about the show.


High Tech Traffic Signal Systems

In partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University has developed a first-of-its-kind traffic signal control technology that automatically adjusts and coordinates signal timing to accommodate varying traffic volumes and has shown strong promise for reducing vehicle wait times by 40%, travel time through the area declined by 26%, and vehicle emissions are down 21%. The first, nine-intersection phase of the CMU traffic signal pilot program cost $150,000 and was funded by three local foundations.

iPhone 5 Review, Pros and Cons

With the release of the iPhone 5, there has been nothing but reviews flying around the Internet. Steve drops in his thoughts on the new length of the 5, the quality of the newly designed ear buds, and the beauty of the design. Some of the cons of the new 5 include the location of the headphone jack which makes its use difficult when loading on a dock or placing for use in the car or at home. Also, prices of phone accessories and cases are beginning to fluctuate upwards and that is unfortunate.

Guided Access on IOS 6 (Setting, General, Accessability)

One new, impressive feature of iOS 6 is Guided Access. Guided Access allows a user (parents, educators, babysitters) to lock down an application so that children cannot venture out from the app. To utilize Guided Access – Go to Settings, General, Accessibility and turn on the service. This app puts the power back in the hands of a parent or educator, protecting their personal information and controlling the behaviors of their children.

Time controls on the Kindle Fire – A boon for parents AND educators

Parent and educators alike have spoken out – We want more control and we want it now!! Well, Amazon has listened and implemented time controls for the Kindle Fire. Basically, the Kindle Fire user can set daily limits on use in terms of time, set user specific parameters, and create app specific permissions.

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