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On Episode 519 of the Waves of Tech, we are chatting about browsers, audiobooks, satellites, and grocery shopping. Edge is rolling out a new security feature that will notify users if the accounts or passwords were potentially compromised on third-party sites. Spotify introduced classic literature as audiobooks to their users this week, signalling some attempt to compete in the market. SpaceX made history again as they launched 143 satellites into low Earth orbit during a single Falcon 9 launch. Kroger is introducing smart tech grocery carts, featuring a touchscreen, scale, and camera, to enhance the traditional shopping experience.

Microsoft Edge Rolls Out Password Monitor

With the dominant players in the browser space being Chrome and Firefox, Edge is in need of some attention. So, their recent security updates to Edge include a feature that will notify users to potentially compromised passwords from third-party breaches. With so many accounts, passwords, and authentications out there by users, this is a much needed security measure.

  • Edge will utilize homomorphic encryption, adding additional layers of protection for all
  • Microsoft is rolling out the feature to all users as we speak and as you read
  • The original announcement of Password Monitor was noted to be in March 2020
  • This feature provides some peace of mind to users that have security concerns

Spotify Dips Toes into Audiobooks

Audiobooks continue to grow in demand. Audible has a true stranglehold on the market, and Spotify is trying to dip into that pot of gold. Spotify’s launch is specific to English speaking markets at the moment with intentions to go beyond in the near future. With their soft release, they are offering up nine classic pieces of literature for users to check out.

  • Audiobooks are made available to free and premium account holders on app/desktop
  • For Spotify users not wanting to spend more one more subscription, this is ideal
  • Future book features will include original deep-dive discussions on individual chapters
  • This may drive some audio enthusiast the way of Spotify, another goal of theirs

SpaceX Makes History, Once Again

Another day means another record breaking day for the SpaceX team. With a payload made up of 143 satellites (10 Starlink and 133 government/commercial), the popular space expedition company set a new record for satellites launching from Falcon 9 Heavy. The launch was delayed a few times due to damaged goods but was ultimately a success.

  • A key takeaway is the sizeable difference between new age or classic satellite design
  • Technology and engineering has changed the industry significantly in a short time
  • Starlink is growing in capabilities and hopefully will be online soon for consumers
  • A German company, DARPA, the Department of Defense, and other unmentioned

Kroger Introduces Smart Tech Grocery Carts

The shopping experience has been upended with the global health pandemic. Many have taken to food delivery and many do not like standing in crowded lines during checkout. Kroger has teamed with Caper to offer a high-tech shopping cart with a built-in scanner, scale, camera, and payment processing tools. Users bypass lines, self-checkout, and crowds.

  • The pilot program is isolated to a single store in Ohio with higher ambitions ahead
  • A touch screen connects to shopping recommendations, store offers, and wayfinding
  • Offers up a unique shopping experience that could set the change for future growth
  • This cart is designed to exist within the traditional grocery shopping experience

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