Landline phones, Mother’s Day Flowers, Microsoft in Education, and USA Today Fighting Bots

On Episode 353 of The Waves of Tech, we are talking about landline phones, Mother’s Day options, Microsoft’s education initiative, and fighting bots on Facebook.  We kick off the show by discussing a major milestone in the United States – for the first time, cell phones as the primary device in the home have now surpassed landline use.  We debate the need for one, the other, or both.  Next, don’t forget about Mother’s Day.  We found out Amazon Prime members has access to their Floral Delivery service which is a great gift for mothers and grandmothers.  We then venture into education, where the battle between Microsoft and Google continues.  Microsoft released Windows 10S, which will prove beneficial in their quest to remain dominant in education, capture new users, and compete against Chromebooks.  And finally, USA Today has discussed the issues of bots and fake user accounts on Facebook with the FBI.  They are interested in the FBI helping where criminal activities and spamming has plagues users.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Cell Phones v Landline Phones

It may sound funny, but this story is a major milestone in the United States.  A study shows that 50.8% of homes and apartments only use cell phone service, surpassing landline phone use which is at 45.9%.

  • 39% of households have both landline and cellphone service
  • Renters and younger adults are less likely to use landline service, prefer mobile
  • Landline is handy for emergencies, people with disabilities, or as a backup service
  • Some cable and internet providers are still requiring landline in bundle packages

Mother’s Day Flowers

Did you forget to pick up something for Mother’s Day?  Well, as always, Amazon has your back as a Prime Member with their floral delivery service.  Sending flowers to your mother and grandmother is a simple and thoughtful gesture.

  • Use Prime and send flowers early and beat the rush at the flower shop or grocery store
  • Be sure to send the flowers to your mother and not yourself, as Steve actually did
  • Use to help support the network and the podcast
  • Grab a few other items for mom, such as a necklace, clothing, or a movie

Microsoft’s Education Push

With Google entering the educational industry with full force, Microsoft made a move that demonstrates their thirst to be Number 1 in the classroom.  Chromebooks seem to be the talk of the town and Windows 10S may be the answer for Microsoft.

  • Windows 10S boasts a 14.5 hour battery life, wide compatibility, and performance
  • Microsoft is offering sub $200 laptops and free access to Office365 for classrooms
  • The inclusion of Minecraft will generate buzz and interest with the youth of today
  • Getting kids using Microsoft early may in fact pay off with a lifetime customer

USA Today asks FBI to Fight Facebook Bots

Fake news, fake user accounts, fake everything.  “Fake” appears to be the word of the year in 2016 and 2017.  USA Today has requested the FBI investigate the number of fake user accounts and bots that have been taking over Facebook the past few years.

  • Facebook recently purged nearly 200 million fake user accounts from their platform
  • This international spamming problem is creating havoc with media companies
  • USA Today went from 15.2M to 9.5M, according to Gannett executives (USAT owner)
  • Gannett is interested in the FBI helping where criminal activities has plagues users
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