Laptops For Tablets and Applications in the Farming Industry

Steve and Dave are back on the regular schedule to bring you another Waves of Tech episode.  On this week’s podcast, they discuss a shift in the college classroom – more students are utilizing tablets versus laptops.  This speaks volumes to the shift in consumer buying and the tablet industry.  Also in the show, they breakdown the use of smartphone applications in the farming industry and what this means in terms of saving lives and preventing injuries.  Head over to @NetCastStudio on Twitter  to follow all things podcasting!

Students swap laptops, desktops for smartphones, tablets

The shift has happened around America.  We see it in the way we consume content at home, on the go, in the workplace, and on vacation.  In most colleges, students have now made the switch to utilizing smartphones and tablets over the usual laptop device.  The increase is quite remarkable over the past three years, whereas nearly 73% of students are utilizing such devices for school work, note taking, report writing, and academic research.  Research firms are showing that another 8% the drop in laptop use will occur in 2013.  As the student population adapts to the changing landscape of technology, let’s see where the universities and colleges go from here.

App Saves Lives of Farmers

We all want to work in a safe environment, free from various work hazards and come home safe to the family every night.  The University of Missouri has developed an application for use in the farming industry that will likely reduce the likelihood of the leading cause of death – tractor rollovers.  With the use of GPS and an application, detected rollovers accidents can now be filtered to emergency responders and personal emergency contacts.  We venture down the path of what other industries may benefit from such data tracking and vehicle recognition.  With 250 lifes taken each year from rollovers, a simple app can greatly reduce that figure.

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