Uber & Lyft Leaving California?

On Episode 503 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving head first into a laundry list of tech topics that matter to you! The battle of ride sharing operations continues in California as we see Uber and Lyft perhaps forced out of California due to a new law. It was 25 years ago that we all experienced the release of Windows 95, so we relive that moment and share our memories. Amazon is expanding their line of Fresh grocery stores in California and are introducing their Dash Cart enabling customers instant check-out. Lastly, the FAA granted approval this week to Amazon to begin testing their drone delivery fleet, but details are limited at this time.

Uber & Lyft Leaving California?

Last September, the State of California passed Assembly Bill 5 which essentially is forcing companies like the ever so popular ride sharing kings of Uber and Lyft classify their workforce as employees rather than independent contractors. A Supreme Court judge made the decision because drivers are integral and central, not tangible, to operations of the business.

  • A new judge passed a stay that allowed these companies to continue to operate
  • If nothing changes, Uber & Lyft plan to leave the state and shift operations elsewhere
  • This could really harm the thousands of drivers, restaurants, and stores that use them
  • We do not see a way around this and will see ride sharing leave California boundaries

Windows 95, 25 Years Ago

It is hard to believe that Windows 95 debuted only 25 years ago! Looking back, it was a momentous occasion for personal computing. Steve was there in Redmond, Washington during the unveiling and was easily one of the most exciting events of his tech career. It can be argued that Windows has transformed computing and influenced every person in the world.

  • Microsoft released a 2-part podcast series talking to former engineers of the project
  • 95 was such an innovative foundation for what would eventually become the standard
  • Interesting to consider where we would be today without the introduction of 95

Amazon Fresh Grocery Stores

It is well known that Amazon has slowly been integrating itself into the grocery store market for a few years. In 2017, the e-commerce retailer bought out Whole Foods and tested several small chain markets in Seattle, New York, and Chicago. Now Amazon opened up an Amazon Fresh in the Los Angeles region using what is called a Dash Cart for an easy in-out process.

  • Dash Cart is unlocked via your Amazon app and provides a tally of the cost of goods
  • Alexa devices are scattered around the store in the event a shopper has questions
  • The store will act as an Amazon return, drop-off, and pickup facility for customers
  • Shoppers are currently limited to invitation only, no news on when it opens to public

Amazon Drone Delivery

It has only taken a bunch of years, but Amazon finally did it. As the demand grows higher and higher for faster and speedier delivery, the thought of drone delivery for your Amazon order is becoming a reality. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States approved the company to begin their commercial testing and delivery via a drone fleet.

  • There are mixed feelings around the idea of drones flying around the city skies
  • No real tangible details were released in terms of locations, duration, etc.
  • The goal is ultimately to provide order delivery within a 30-minute window to consumers
  • Google and UPS received approval, others are pending approval to move forward

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