LG Drops From Smartphone Market

On Episode 527 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving straight into technology topics that are worthy of discussion. LG, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, is stepping out of the market entirely effective immediately to focus on smart home devices and robotics. The Google v Oracle battle over Jave code usage finally made its way to the highest court in the land and Google won with resounding numbers. Ingenuity, the helicopter partner to Perseverance, touched down this week signalling another major step in exploration of Mars. Facebook was subject to a massive hack that will be creating chaos for over 550 million of their users and their personal data.

LG Drops From Smartphone Market

After years of diminishing losses in the smartphone industry, LG announced they would exit the market entirely in short order. No new phones will be manufactured yet those on shelves would still be sold. The Number 3 seller in phones leaves the market with a 2% global share of the market and with a 10% stake in the North American region.

  • LG intends to focus on smart enabled devices, robotics, electric vehicle components
  • Samsung and Apple are set to fill the void left by the international manufacturer
  • LG as innovative in their design and built of Android phones specifically
  • Losses of $4.5 billion over 6 consecutive years made the decision easy for execs

Google Earns Supreme Court Victory

In a glaring 6-2 decision by the United States Supreme Court, Google won a big victory over Oracle for legal use of specific code associated with Java. The decision overturned a federal court that originally favored on the side of Oracle. The opinions conclude that application programming interfaces (API) are significantly different from other kinds of computer programs.

  • Fair use was considered in the decision and played into many justices’ opinions
  • The Google/Oracle despite dates back to several court cases, appeals, and 10 years
  • Google can now continue use of Java code without risk of copyright issues
  • Clearly opens the debate of fair use, open source access, and profiting off such items

Ingenuity Surveys Mars Landscape

Once again, the world witnessed history when Perseverance – the Mars rover – deployed its own helicopter, Ingenuity. This highly anticipated event culminated with Ingenuity folding its way from under the rover and powering itself around the planet. The helicopter weighs in at 4 pounds, is solar powered, and is kept warm by the nuclear-powered rover system.

  • Multiple flights are planned and will cover several patches and areas of the planet
  • The build of the helicopter is incredible, which is designed to work in Mars’ atmosphere
  • The rover is expected to spend two years exploring to seek signs of former life
  • NASA’s ability to track and share this footage is a feat worth talking about here

Facebook Accounts Hacked

Well it was only a matter of time that a massive hack hit Facebook, as it happens with every major company in the tech industry. Over 550 million accounts were hacked with several points of personal data stolen and published online. Be sure to check your accounts (personal and business), update those passwords, and report any adverse activity to Facebook.

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