OSIRIS-REx Mission And Limited Internet Access

On Episode 509 of the Waves of Tech, we are touching on the tech topics that matter to you as a consumer. A viral post of a 10-year old student having to walk to school to get internet access went viral and shows the growing gap of digital equity. NASA successfully landed the OSIRIS spacecraft onto an asteroid traveling at 65,000 mph and gathered some surface material for analysis. Tesla is continuing to impress as net cash flow is up and their annual manufacturing goal of 500,000 new vehicles is nearing completion.

Limited Internet Access is a Reality

In what turned into a viral post showing the inequities of internet access, a child was pictured laying on the concrete of his school grounds to gain access to complete work. In an age where access is vital to stay connected for education, job interviews, and family connections, this post brings out the stark contrast of those that have and those that do not have.

  • A GoFundMe page raised $18,000 for kids in Roswell, New Mexico to fund access
  • Since the student couldn’t be on campus, the front office staff check on him daily
  • Without access, he can not complete assignments or connect with friends
  • Internet access is vital to life, as is access to clean water and electricity

NASA’s Asteroid Mission Successful

For some NASA missions, you really need to have some patience. For the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, that wait was four years. Scientists landed the explorer unit on a near-Earth orbiting asteroid travelling 65,000 MPH and was able to grab a rock sample for analysis! Since the craft is 2 million miles out, the long three month voyage home will not come very soon.

  • Scientists are hoping to gather some intel on planet formation and life origins
  • There is hope to learn and understand of the potential of asteroid impacts on Earth
  • The mission acquired nearly 2 ounces (60 grams) of the asteroid’s surface material
  • The live video of the feed was incredible, showing the precision of the mission

Tesla Meeting Their Consumer Demand

One of the larger concerns of Tesla over the years was at what point could the company begin generating a profit margin that is pleasurable to investors. They seem to be making that turn as their stock continues to rise and they continue to meet the consumer demand for their vehicles. At the end of 2020, they are projected to hit their goal of manufacturing 500,000 vehicles.

  • Despite their Fremont, California plant shutdown, the half million mark is a reality
  • Latest earnings show revenue of $8.8 billion with net cash flow of $1.2 billion
  • Over the past few years, Tesla has adjusted this vehicle cost and pre-buying structure
  • Tesla continues to impress in spite of issues with self-driving lawsuits

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