London Olympics, Copycat Books and 100 Most Influential

Technology everyday continues to change our lives whether in sports or entertainment or just life in general. Let’s also not forget those individuals responsible for bringing to life the technologies we enjoy.  In Waves of Tech this week we discuss those changing events and technologies.


Tech and the London Olympics

The Olympics have always been a spectacular event in our history.  Since the advent of television we’ve been able to watch the prime time events no matter where they are located, although usually in a pre-recorded environment.  NBC had made a decision to stream the London Games via the Internet live.  This will provide greater access to events you may not normally see and also on your time schedule.  Olympics Social Media Portal  NBC to live stream the Olympics

Copy Cat Books on Amazon

We’ve seen it before in other media- knock offs of popular movies or tv shows. We’ve even seen it in books before. Just look at the proliferation of wizard books after Harry Potter’s success or vampires following Twilights’s success. But this is different. This is blatantly TRYING to confuse the consumer into thinking that they are buying the more popular property and not a second-rate copy. Amazon introduced a wonderful thing with CreateSpace that is going to turn into a nightmare.

Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential

Who do you think are the most influential individuals when it comes to technology?  Perhaps Marc Andreessen or Tom Cook?  Time Magazine has consolidated their listings into the top 100.  I don’t see my name on the list but perhaps you might have your own feelings who should be added or excluded.  Take a peek at the list.


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