Lost Art Of Photo Albums And The Dying Desktop

photo albumWelcome to Episode 305 of The Waves of Tech and thank you for checking us out.  On this week’s podcast we dive into some considerations tech companies need to recognize and realize about older workers during the hiring process.  Also, we talk about the lost art of photo albums, the memories associated with albums, and how the tech era has drastically changed the once popular past time.  Drones continue to create air hazards and one in the UK actually hit a jetliner carrying 137 people!  And finally, as 1-in-6 people live and work only on a mobile device, the topic of the dying desktop resurfaces.  Thank for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

The 7 Things Tech Companies Need To Realize About Older Workers

Ageism is rampant in the Silicon Valley.  This is not breaking news but little has been down to curb this behavior.  We deliver some considerations that those in the position of hiring positions in their corporation should realize about older workers in the workforce or those that are re-entering.  One, realize that technology outpaces everyone and everyone needs training and help.  Two, hiring a diverse workforce is good for business and not just a good deed to act on.  Third, quit using the cultural fit excuse for not hiring older workers.  And finally, we are all stubborn and sometimes unwilling to adapt.  This is not an age thing, it’s a human thing.

The Lost Art of Photo Albums

Steve, Dave, Debbie, and Anaya (hosts of Busy Ladies) sat down over the weekend to look through some vintage photos in…get this…photo albums!  As a society, we have lost the art form of photo albums.  With the digital push for photo management, the ability to post to social media, and the ease of deleting photos, the art of collection photos and creating photo albums is lost.  Photo albums create memories, spur conversations, and allow us to relive our pasts.  We don’t sit around for hours now passing our phones around in the same respect.  It’s a lost art and we should be disheartened by that fact.

Drone Collision with Jet Highlights Growing Aviation Danger

Rogue recreational drone users continue to create hazards in the aviation industry.  We have extensively covered drone use over the past 14 months, highlighting the dangers and positives of drones.  In recent reports in the UK, a drone struck a jetliner carrying 137 people!  Whereas no damage was reported and no lives were lost, this is just the beginning of major issues for the airline industry.  The UK is considered more aggressive regulations to counter the issue.

The Dying Desktop

In recent data from the UK, now 1-in-6 people are exclusively mobile only (smartphone and tablet).  Many professionals, especially those that travel for work, have eliminated the desktop and laptop from their work flow.  This is nothing new but it allows us to discuss the state of the dying desktop in the world of business and personal computing and the decline of the once prominent PC industry.  Even though 70% of mobile users utilize the platform for social media, many are now finding ways to incorporate their professional workload on mobile-only.

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