Major Tech Trends Coming in 2012

Welcome to Episode 117 of Waves of Tech, the zooming tech podcast that discusses tech as it relates to your life! We have a great show lined out this week. But first, have permanently moved from Facebook to Google Plus. Feel free to join us over at own G+ page!

So this week, the three of us take a look at a very interesting article authored by Pete Cashmore of Mashable. He outlines his thoughts on the major tech trends to expect in 2012. Typically, everyone likes to conclude the year with a “Year in Review” approach. Not this week folks! 2012 may be a historic year for some industries. We dive into touch computing, social gesturing, NFC equipment, HTML5, cutting the cord of cable TV, and flexible screening. We have some interesting thoughts on each of these topics. We agree on and disagree on others. Here are some highlights from the discussion.

Touch computing will enjoy another great year. The tablet market is booming and the end is nowhere in sight. As the touch industry continues to improve the mobile experience, products such as Windows 8 & Mac OSX Lion will be pushing the envelope of desktop touch computing.

NFC and mobile payments seem to be heading down the right path. Google Wallet and American Express are making strides in the business. 2012 may be the year, for a select crowd of users.

The new web experience is here and it goes by the name of HTML5. The days of using three party plug-ins and coding for browser compatibility may soon be nearing its end of life.

As users begin to make the switch from traditional media to new media, this leaves the big box cable companies struggling to deal with revenue. As the tablet market expands and users continue to demand content on their terms, look for cable companies to weasel their way into the new media sphere in some form.

Finally, Dave puts Steve and Jim on the spot. He asks, “What tech trend would you add to this list?” Jim points out that cloud computing made some major strides in 2011. Google made progress. Apple made advancements. The music industry leaped into the cloud business. 2012 will prove another successful year in the business of cloud computing. Steve ventures down the often forget, often neglected fields of science, health, and space. The space and health fields are always pushing the human mind and delivering services and products that continue to improve life. Dave believes 2012 holds a new movie going experience, an experience that reflects back to the great years of 2006 and 1999. As the transition from 35mm to digital happens, look for new experiences as you enjoy your buttered popcorn.



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