13 Years of Making The Waves of Tech

On Episode 500 of the Waves of Tech, we are celebrating many new milestones! After 500 episodes of the podcast, we briefly reminisce about the past 13 years of producing the show. Another milestone and celebration is the safe and flawless return of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule to Earth, proving their investment safe and successful. The potential banning of TikTok in the United States dominated the headlines for a few days as Microsoft pursues the acquisition. The giant tech CEOs were brought into a virtual questioning by lawmakers with little no impact after the five hour hearing. Finally, Revel’s moped service is suspended from New York City operations after a second death is reported.

13 Years of Making The Waves of Tech

We finally made it to Episode 500! After podcasting for 13 years and recording and planning about 40 episodes per year, we reached a tremendous milestone. First, we’d like to thank our audience for their devotion to the podcast and for keeping us going year after year. What started as a way for a father and his two sons to stay in touch has blossomed into a lifelong adventure of talking tech, meeting amazing people, and sharing tech news with you!

Dragon Capsule Return

After a 62 day mission at the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley returned safely home aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule. After the launch atop Falcon 9 to much fanfare and celebration, the Demo2 mission can now be celebrated as a complete success. The future is very exciting for manned space flight from US soil.

  • Splashdown arrived exactly as plan in the Gulf of Mexico, at 11:48AM PDT on Sunday
  • NASA/SpaceX staff provided extensive details about the mission throughout the return
  • It will takes months for the agencies and companies to process data entirely
  • The next mission carrying 4 astronauts is already on the event schedule for NASA

TikTok – Sure Let’s Talk About It

The social media world erupted earlier this week as President Trump announced on Spaceship One of his plans to ban TikTok from the United States. As we quickly learned, Microsoft had been in extensive talks to acquire the US-based portion of the popular video social app. Whereas an outright ban is highly unlikely, it is an interesting debate about privacy concerns.

  • TikTok has been banned by many USA military departments over security woes
  • Major concern about ByteDance, Chinese-based owner, scrapping American user data
  • Hard to figure about why Microsoft wants to invest in a social media app finally
  • Microsoft promises to adapt the app to USA based rules and regulations

Tech CEOs Return to Capitol Hill

Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai all took center stage this past week as they participated in a virtual questioning from United States lawmakers. Very similar to previous questioning in Washington D.C., much of the answers provided by the CEOs and questions posed by elected officials left a lot to be desired in terms of clarity and depth.

  • Google was hit hardest with statements that Americans are losing faith in them
  • Apple came out looking really good as stocks jumped the day after testimony
  • Facebook continues to lack the convincing needed to win over pundits
  • Amazon was questioned about drowning out competition and exploiting sellers

Moped Service Curbed in New York City

Micro-mobility has been a major talking point on the podcast for a few years now. Every time a new service is introduced, it seems like another service is either banned or runs out of venture capital funds. Revel, a moped service company, has been suspended from operations in New York City after two fatalities and one serious incident involving their riders.

  • Many of these companies ignore the safety features and measures needed for users
  • Revel has been operating since 2018 in New York boroughs with limited incident
  • Operations continue to function in Texas, Florida, California, and Washington
  • Revel is reviewing rider accountability guidelines and various safety measures

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