Chevy Malibu Teen-tracking Spyware And Digital Driver’s Licenses

On Episode 260 of The Waves of Tech, we touch on a good variety of topics.  We kick the show off with Katch, a service that uploads your Meerkat stream directly to YouTube.  Cool feature being offered by Katch.  Next, we explore the move of IE to the recycling bin and the rise of Project Spartan.  Finally, we dive into teen-tracking spyware coming to cars and dealerships near you and the future of digital driver’s licenses.  Enjoy the episode and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Katch uploads any Meerkat stream to YouTube with a simple hashtag

Meerkat has made tech headlines the past few weeks, with its explosion of popularity and the news that Twitter would limit access to a degree.  What often happens, we see new features arise from developers to help support great apps. Enter in, Katch.  By simply using #Katch, Katch uploads any Meerkat stream to YouTube for future viewing and archive.  Have you used Katch yet?

Microsoft sends Internet Explorer to tech’s scrapheap

At one point, Internet Explorer controlled over 80% of the browser market.  And that made sense with millions of millions of users on a PC at home and work.  With the growth in Macs, Chromebooks, and Firefox, the soon-to-be scrapped IE now controls under 30%.  Microsoft CEO is introducing Project Spartan, a faster, sleeker, and speedier browser designed to compete in the world of the smartphone and tablet industry.

New Chevy Malibu Will Get Teen-Tracking Spyware

It’s about time this arrived!  The newest Chevy Malibu will have an option to spy on your kids…and we believe parents will be very pleased with this option.  Popular Mechanic is reporting that a system called Teen Driver will allow parent to control and set boundaries on speed limits, limit volume control, and also provide a report card of a teen’s driving habits.  This is a cool feature that has the potential to change some of the traditionally bad driving habits that inexperienced teen drivers possess.

The driver’s license of the future is coming to your smartphone

There’s a big push to go all digital.  We see it with the banking industry with Wallet and Pay.  We see it in the airline, hospitality, and retail industry.  The push has begun in three states to consider moving toward digital driver’s licenses.  There are many pros and cons to this idea, one of which is security and privacy.  We explore the ins-and-outs of the idea and give our options of the viability of digital licenses.


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