MBAs For Hire, Hackers Sound Alarms And FCC Says No Cell Phones

On Episode 349 of The Waves of Tech, we again cover a wide variety of tech topics in a brief amount of time.  We touch on the growing retail business of Apple as they venture deeper into Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.  The tech industry is investing heavily in a new type of hire – MBAs from prestigious business schools from across the US and it is having an impact around the business and tech fields.  Hackers in the Dallas area sounded 156 emergency alarms late at night, causing fright, stress, and reaction from Dallas city officials and residents.  And finally, the FCC is moving to ban a 2013 proposal that would allow passengers to make Wi-Fi enabled mobile calls while in air.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Apple opening stores in Mexico and Central America

With plans of opening a second store in Mexico and adding stores in Brazil and Argentina, Apple is expanding their retail presence in Central America.  Apple is also in process of revamping 30+ US-based retail stores to enhance the visitor experience.

  • New stores are being coined “next-generation stores” with new features and appeal
  • Central American expansion demonstrate the international business model of Apple
  • Apple is learning that retail reinvention is necessary, even 3-4 years
  • Newer retail stores are strategically being opened in higher income areas

Amazon and Apple Hiring Hundreds of MBAs

We often get stuck in the tech circle of discussing tech-based jobs for the tech-based companies.  Well, a recent report from Business Insider is showing the tech industry’s demand and need for MBAs, hired by the likes of Google, Amazon, Samsung, Cisco, Dell, and Apple.

  • Over a 5 year period, Amazon hired 49 MBAs.  Morgan Stanley hired 51 over same time.
  • Nearly 1,000 MBAs were hired, clearly a step to compete with the talent pool
  • MBAa are more likely to work through the corporate and executive branches of firms
  • The financial sector is suffering a talent drain as Silicon Valley comes calling

Hackers Sound Dallas Emergency Alarms

Nothing is free from attack anymore.  This is a stark reality that we need to embrace and understand.  Hackers in the Dallas area hacked emergency services infrastructure, sounding 156 alarms starting at 11:40PM.

  • 9-1-1 was flooded with 4,400 calls over a 3.5 hour period as a response
  • Citizens were worried due to recent terrorist activities, shootings, and chemical attacks
  • This new form of terrorism disrupts our lifestyle and creates unneeded stress and fright
  • These events serve as learning tools for public and private organizations

Please, Please, Please – No Cell Phones in The Skies

Ajit Pai, the new FCC Chairman, is proposing that the agency terminate a 2013 plan that sought to relax rules about the use and rules of mobile communications on planes.  The rule would have allowed voice calls over Wi-Fi if enacted.  We fully endorse this position.

  • Ajit Pai stated he cherishes the moments of silence from devices when flying
  • Travelers may be stuck next to passengers who would talk for hours on cell phones
  • FCC’s current rules do not ban Wi-Fi calling, but most USA-based airlines do
  • Let’s keep the skies friendly, relaxing, and fun without introducing cell phone use
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