Memorial Day Gadgets And Veterans In Tech

Veterans in TechOn Episode 310 of The Waves of Tech, we consider Memorial Day, we also report on the number of opportunities nonprofits and entrepreneurs are creating to provide those returning from service and the battlefield with jobs in the tech industry.  With Memorial Day just past us, we dive into the tech gadgets we are now using during holiday weekends and show how times have changed.  Rounding out the podcast, we celebrate knowing that Podcasts was a category on Jeopardy and discuss the future TV licensing battle brewing between Roku and Google.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Podcast Awards

Unbelievable!  Four The Waves of Tech podcasts are finalists in the 2016 Podcast Awards – The Waves of Tech, Busy Ladies, Social Solutions, and LinkedIn Lady.  Thanks to each and every friend and listener of the shows for nominated our shows.  Voting for the finalists has begun and voting end June 12th at 11PM EST.  Find additional information about voting at

Memorial Day Weekend Tech Gadgets

Many of us spent the weekend barbecuing, having some drinks, and fellowshipping with family and friends.  It’s a good idea to look around the house and backyard to see what tech gadgets have taken the place of outdated technologies.  These may include a Bluetooth enabled smoker, Bluetooth portable speaker unit, portable LED lighting for those late nights out back, or even a family drone unit to pass the time.  And have you heard of the cooler with attached blenders!!??  Slowly but surely, we have replaced the old and bought the new.

From Battlefield to tech Jobs; U.S. Tech Vets

Many organizations, nonprofits, and individuals are doing their part in employing veterans returning from the battlefield to the workforce.  We can look at U.S. Tech Vets, the Veterans Administration, and Rally Point as great examples.  Many are connected veterans with jobs in the tech industry.  Military men and women who have experience in tech, including working with high-tech intelligence systems, satellites, robotics, drones and cyberdefense, often in stressful environments that their civilian counterparts don’t have to deal with.

Podcasts On Jeopardy

The podcast space received a bit of a buzz the other night.  Podcasts was a category on the long-running, popular game show Jeopardy!  The answers included a mention of the popular Grammar Girl podcast, a few answers about NPR, and Marc Maron.  To see podcasts on the main stage of game show is not a surprise to anyone.  The medium continues to grow, gain in popularity, and capture the attention of traditional media.

TV Licensing Battle – Roku vs Google

The business of TV is big business and the business will be getting more and more interesting over the next few years.  Roku is looking to become the Smart TV of choice, with companies utilizing their operation systems and design specs to manufacture their products.  In other words, Roku is looking to make some major moves in TV licensing.  The CEO, Anthony Wood, believes Roku is set to compete heavily and win the battle over Google and the Android platform.  As the business of Smart TV and TV licensing develops, we will report back with the information that matters to you.


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