Microsoft Celebrating 40 Years Of Business

On Episode 263 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about celebrating birthdays on the show!  A very happy birthday to Microsoft who celebrating 40 years of business.  What started in the garage of a home in New Mexico developing into a technological giant and dominator in the home personal computing industry.  Also, Apple celebrating the 5-year mark of the iPad. The iPad revolutionized the table market.  Finally, it’s all about how the tablet and mobile technology industry is shaping and transformation the safety industry.

Happy 40th Microsoft and Gates email

In 1975, Paul Allen and Bill Gates started a small firm that would eventually change the course of American and technological history.  Microsoft was founded!  We recap the earlier life of Microsoft, dive into the choices in executive officers, and relive the moments that shaped and captured the world by storm.  From Windows 3.0 to XBox 360 and from Windows 10 to Project Spartan, Microsoft continues to innovate.  Bill Gates even sent an email message to all current Microsoft employees!

XP facts of today

Windows XP is a statement to the staying power of Microsoft.  Windows XP still captures nearly 20% of the desktop operating system market to date.  It’s simplistic design, user friendliness, and structural integrity has proven its ability to remain a staple in the American household.  It’s incredible to think the a 13-year old operating system still remains as the #2 spot, slightly ahead of Windows 10 and slightly behind Windows 7.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft released some updated information regarding the Windows 10 upgrade.  Microsoft will upgrade only those PCs and tablets running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 Update to Windows 10 later this year.  The update will be deployed via the Windows Update service.  Microsoft will offer consumers and some businesses free upgrades to Windows 10 throughout the 12 months following the operating system’s launch this summer.

Happy 5th birthday iPad

Happy Birthday, iPad!  We said this show was all about celebrating milestones and birthdays!  In 2010, Apple released the first generation iPad and people went crazy.  Over 2 millions units were sold in the first 60 days and the tablet industry was born.  The Apple iPad, in our opinion, is the signature, defining tablet that spawned a new industry of content surfing and content consumption.  Within one year, the product masterminds were at it again with the 2nd generation.  Apple set the tablet industry on fire and it hasn’t stopped innovating and developing since.

Mobile Technology & The Safety Industry

Industries are changing.  Whether it’s finance, real estate, education, government, or trade, Industries are adapting.  The same is true in the health and safety industry.  Dave attended a safety symposium where a safety professional demonstrated how mobile technology is changing the industry.  Topics ranged from mobile device management (MDM), security issues, decisions on which device/system to choose, and changing employee behaviors.  Regardless of your industry focus, this is a good talk to hear.


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