Miocar – A New Ride Sharing Service Debuts

On Episode 456 of the Waves of Tech, we dive into the technology news that influences your everyday lives. We begin by discussing the news of AT&T reporting a loss of nearly one million customers this last quarter and share our opinions one why this is really happening. If you were affected by the Equifax data breach, now is the time to file your claim for payment. By the end of year, the credit reporting firm is set to pay out $380M to customers. A new electric ride sharing service launches in California aimed at helping to reduce air pollution and assist communities with limited transportation options. Lastly, the City of Atlanta has banned the further issuance of e-scooter permits after two individuals died over a four week span.

AT&T Posts Quarterly Loss of a Million Customers

When AT&T picked up DirecTV in 2015, they pledged that costs would not rise and that customers would see the benefits of the mega-merger. In 2018 when AT&T bought Time Warner Cable, they promised the safe to a USA federal court judge. In retrospect, none of those promises have come to light and AT&T are losing millions of paying consumers.

  • In Q2 2019, AT&T report a net loss of 946,000 DirecTV subscribers
  • AT&T attributes drop to increase in customers rolling off promotions & competition
  • Incremental price creep and lack of customer service support is driving away users
  • Mobile continues to make up half of revenues and 2/3 of the giant’s operating income

Get Your $125 Equifax Claim

Equifax – the once popular yet now scarred – credit reporting agency settled with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after a massive data breach. The settlement totaled $700M, which called for a $380M restitution fund payable to consumers. We have seen one Equifax executive end up in jail and claim payments is the next line in punishment.

  • Easy to file a claim and receive money – head to EquifaxBreachSettlement.com
  • Customers may be entitled to time/money spent, up to $25 per hour up to 20 hours
  • This sets a small precedent for corporations in the US that are negligent with data
  • You have until January 22nd, 2020 to file a claim with Equifax for civil payment

Miocar – A New Ride Sharing Service Debuts

In a technology story that hits close to home, a new ride sharing company has popped up in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The valley is known for its agricultural production, high number of seasonal agricultural workers, and bad quality (for several reasons). A new electric vehicle service is now offering affordable driving services to these communities in California.

  • An electric Chevy Bolt and BMW i3 are available for $4 per hour, $35 per day
  • Designed to help families that are single family vehicle or require a vehicle for a day
  • This is an innovative solution to serve a need affordably and prevent air pollution
  • Service limited to specific areas and communities of need at this moment

Atlanta Says No to More E-Scooters

We have ranted and raved about the public use and public safety concern of e-scooters for the past year or so. After two people died as a result of scooter accidents, the Mayor of Atlanta signed an executive order preventing more permits to be issued until the problem of safety and transportation is resolved in the famed souther city.

  • Many of the micro-mobility services simply drop units off without checking with officials
  • User riding behaviors need to change and companies ought to be held responsible
  • Most local transportation systems cannot incorporate e-scooters into existing systems
  • Some municipalities are reporting 80 to 100 scooter-related injuries per month

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