Mobile Device Addiction and Twittercast

A powerhouse show.  Steve, Dave and Jim discuss mobile device addiction, Corporate website contact faults and the Twittercast of a brain surgery.

iDisorder: A look at Mobile Device Addiction

Dr. Larry Rosen has published a fascinating book called “iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession With Technology and Overcoming Its Hold On Us.” His thesis is the exploration of how technology, particularly our mobile devices, is changing our behaviors, our manners, and our minds. Dr. Rosen, citing many research studies along the way, speaks to society’s heavy techno-addiction and how it is beginning to shape the mental health field and societal behaviors. Topics such as “The Google Effect,” the “phantom vibration syndrome,” and “Facebook Depression” are discussed. Check out the article link here – iDisorder.

Corporate website contact without purpose

Steve has another story and beautiful rant for us this week!! Tune in and see if you’ve had similar experiences. Steve….take it away.

“Twittercast” of a brain surgery

Memorial Hermann Hospital, based out of Houston, provided a rare “twittercast” of a brain surgery this week. The live event, featuring tweeting photos and video clips, involved the removal of a benign brain tumor from a 21-year old patient. The use of social media in the healthcare field has been taken to a new level here. It provides an up-close glimpse into the realm of an operating room and is an attempt by healthcare providers to educate the public and future patients about what occurs during surgery. Images of a few real-time brain surgeries have previously been distributed via Twitter, but none has included a video feed from the microscope providing the surgeon’s view as the operation is performed.

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