Big Tech Moving to Texas

On Episode 514 of the Waves of Tech, after a week off, we are diving into technology talk that means something to you and the community. Major players in the industry like HP, Tesla, and Oracle are packing up their offices, leaving California, and relocating to Texas. Google experienced a major outage causing hours of disruption to personal productivity and enterprise companies. To compliment their current suite of services with a modern communication tool, Salesforce acquired Slack for a mere $27 billion. Amazon is finally rolling out Sidewalk, a mechanism to use small fractions of home Wi-Fi to connect out of range eligible devices.

Big Tech Moving to Texas

It’s been a long time coming but some of the biggest in tech are leaving California and heading to Texas. Over the last few years, major tech companies like Tesla, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota have slowly transitioned their workforce to a more affordable state. Many companies cite the extensive taxes and regulation in California as reasons to leave.

  • Tesla is building an Austin-based plant so the exit is less surprising than others
  • Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth are popular destinations for firms
  • A slow trickle out of the Silicon Valley to Nevada, Georgia, and Utah is occurring
  • Texas is becoming a hotbed for well established and foundational tech firms

Google Outage Makes Headlines

Several Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, Classroom, and Drive, went down for over an hour this week creating a bit of a stir online and in the enterprise space. The outage was left across international waters in Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other nations. Google did not immediately explain why the widespread outage occurred.

  • Users took to social media to share the message, which quickly trended online
  • Google Assistant was affected services causing smart speakers issues
  • Most enterprise companies do not have a redundancy plan for productivity
  • YouTube only lost tens of millions on ad revenue for the short disruption

Slack Has a New Parent Company

In what turned out to be a very surprising acquisition in the software industry, Salesforce picked up Slack for roughly $27 billion. Salesforce, who offers a range of services to their clients, now adds a real time communication tool that will assist with collaboration, productivity, and teamwork. A few questions loom as to pricing, free use, and integrations.

  • Slack currently has 130,000 business clients that will surely grow within months
  • They started as a gaming company that built a communication tool for the business
  • Salesforce may be able to capitalize on the pandemic and reach new customers
  • They are dominant in customer relationship management software for sales

Amazon Creating Smart Neighborhoods

Sidewalk – the latest from Amazon to create a neighborhood enabled Wi-Fi structure. It’s a bit complicated to explain but it uses eligible Echo devices as bridges to share a small portion of a home’s Wi-Fi bandwidth with other Sidewalk-compatible devices. Essentially, it’s a range extender to access your internet of things devices not reached by your home system.

  • There are some unknowns about privacy, security, and sharing wireless access
  • Users can piggy back off a neighbor’s Wi-Fi to access their Ring or garage door opener
  • Perhaps complimenting your existing home system is generally a better option overall
  • The long term concept is to built a community enabled through various Wi-Fi systems

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