Music Consumption And A Blind Torchbearer

Welcome in to Episode 140 of Waves of Tech. This week we ride the waves into a few discussion topics – the latest Apple release, consuming music in the digital realm, and the story of a blind torchbearer. Feel free to share this podcast on your social networks and leave a comment below. Enjoy the broadcast!!

To have or have not

Steve finds himself in a predicament. Apple has released a new line of products that may or may not be beneficial for him to invest in. Specifically, we are talking about the Mac Pro. The latest release isn’t what some high-end users were expecting. Provide a comment below and let us know what route you would take?

How do you consume music?

iTunes, Spotify, XBox Music, Songza, TuneIn, GoogleMusic
There are probably hundreds of platforms for consuming music out there. Each platform offers a certain type of usability and utility. So the question is, how do YOU consume your musical tastes? Follow the conversation and share your stories of music and life.

Blind Olympic torchbearer runs unguided, assisted only by smartphone

Simon Wheatcroft is a blind ultra-runner and is aided by the use of the RunKeeper app. Simon will become the first blind runner to bear the Olympic torch this coming Summer Olympics. Hear his amazing story is this week’s episode.


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