Myths About E-Books And The Print Industry

Episode 209 of The Waves of Tech comes with a hand full of topics including discussions on Google Glass usage, IBM’s international presence, and the International Space Station.  In our featured discussion, we debate the state of the e-book and print industry.

Google Glass ticket overruled
Google Glass has made headlines across the nation as we continue to see the wearable tech gadget make its way into mainstream service and use.  One case made national news when a highway patrol office cited a driver for using Glass while driving, an offense in the State of California.  The ticket was dropped for lack of evidence.  How will law enforcement adapt and enforcement?

Died in house
This is a new one for The Waves of Tech crew.  For those interested in the paranormal activity and death as it relates to your current or potential future residence, head over to  It’s a new site that provides a way of verifying whether a death has occurred in the house.  For some, this may be the breaking point from purchasing or passing on their residence.  Check it out.

IBM to build 15 cloud hubs
IBM doesn’t not get that much attention on this podcast, probably because their focus is in corporate enterprise and much less on consumer products.  IBM is set to invest $1.2 billion in cloud-based services at an impressive international level.  Since their purchase as SoftLayer, IBM has made a massive movement to cloud-based services designed to assist corporate firms deploy IT, transmit data, and manage their IT resources.

US backs ISS, 4 more years
With the dismantling of the Space Shuttle program, the United States has found another program to dedicate its monies toward…to the tone of $3 billion a year.  The International Space Station is the hub of the space industry right now.  This multi-nationally focused effort is proving to rewards beyond that of what was expected.  The United States has dedicated funding to maintain operations through the year 2024.

Featured Discussion
E-books surge but print holds steady
Many of us are quick to analyze the ebook industry and rightfully so.  We often say that ebooks are suffocating the print industry and that the print industry is on the verge of bankruptcy.  With recent research, that’s far from the truth.  We have all made the mistake of saying that since the adoption of tablets has increased that that has a direct relationship to the growth of ebooks and the decline of print purchases.  It’s fair to state that the ebook industry has grown but the print industry is far from suffering, holding steady and fast year after year.  We hope you enjoy our discussion on ebooks and the print industry as we take a different perspective on a commonly held belief.

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