Nadella’s Rise Through Microsoft And AOL’s Identity Crisis

Microsoft CEOOn Episode 292 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into some tech headlines and also look at some of the tech news you may have missed over the past week.  General Electric has decided to relocate their headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, a strategic move to associate themselves with other corporate partners and academia in the area.  Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, has rerouted the once-struggling tech giant into a new future of success.  We talk about his rise to the top of Microsoft.  A ship that fell victim to the sea nearly 200 years ago has been found during a routine search for the infamously downed Malaysia Flight 370.  And finally, AOL has a major identity crisis and their chief marketing staff are trying to find a way to re-brand and appeal to a new audience.  We know you will enjoy the podcast and please continue to ride…the waves of tech!

GE moves headquarters to Boston

General Electric, well known as the national leader in industrial production, is moving from the quiet region of Fairfield, Connecticut to the busy streets of Boston, MA.  The industrial giant will be relocating nearly 800 positions to Boston, including corporate staff and digital industrial product managers, designers, and developers.  As GE grows into a more technologically focused software and industrial firm, Boston is the perfect location due to access to prominent academic academies, industry leaders, governmental activity, and other corporate entities.

What Nadella has done for Microsoft

The rise of CEO Satya Nadella, appointed to lead Microsoft after a dismal 14-year run by Steve Ballmer, is a fascinated tale of success, failure, and devotion.  Nadella entered Microsoft in 1992, rising from an engineering position working on Windows NT to President of Server and Tools Division.  While in that position, he increased sales by $4 billion in one year.  His eventual appointment to CEO came at the perfect time as Microsoft needed a fresh face, a new perspective, a new leader, and an innovator to lead the software giant into the new tech horizon.

Shipwreck from 1800s found during search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The devastating news of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 struck a chord in each of us – the fragility of life and the shocking realization of death at any moment.  As crews continue to search for the lost airliner, something strange and amazing has surfaced during the search.  Crews utilizing sonar-detection located a shipwreck dating back to the early 1800s.  Museum experts have identified the ship based on the types of metals and steels used during that time.  Amazing discoveries resulted from the tragic loss that many suffered.

AOL’s identity crisis

AOL, that name is so often a punching bag for tech pundits and much of the general public.  Often associated with their mid-1990s slogan, You’ve Got Mail, and their funny chime, AOL has fallen on hard times with their brand, image, and marketing.  AOL is considering rebranding themselves (and yes they should) and evaluate how to incorporate the many branches of their company.  Did you know AOL owns The Huffington, TechCrunch, Makers, and MapQuest?  Yeah, neither did we.  We shall see if AOL takes their own advice and rebrands in 2016.

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