NASA Inventions And WWDC

On Episode 494 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after taking a brief two week break from recording. The SpaceX and NASA launch from American soil was an absolute success, and we recap the uniqueness of the broadcast and event. Keeping with the space theme, a host of unique and useful inventions are linked with NASA missions and staff engineers. As the world begins to reopen, many are struggling with reestablishing their old routines and there are several tech tools to help you out. Lastly, WWDC is just around the corner and the event may eventually prove to be the most unique and successful to date.

SpaceX, NASA, Demo2 Highlights

In our last episode, SpaceX and NASA were making headlines with the scheduled launch of the Commercial Crew Space Program via the Dragon capsule. After the first launch was scrubbed due to weather complications, the May 30 launch went as scheduled to make success, fanfare, and celebration. We all learned a lot about the program from the day long programming.

  • A near play-by-play provided an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the launch
  • Learned the importance of patience when following and watching space exploration
  • Completion of the mission will be when we experience Dragon reenter the atmosphere
  • American pride was swelling and the future is secure for American-based travel

Space Inventions

NASA has a storied past of innovation and invention, featuring a staff of hundreds of engineers and scientists. Throughout the Apollo missions, Space Shuttle launches, and other missions, NASA has been instrumental in inventing products to serve as comfort, utility, or health items for their astronauts.  Interesting Engineering has compiled a great list of NASA-related inventions.

  • Health – infrared thermometers, Cochlear implants, insulin pump, prosthetics
  • Utility – dust busters, scratch resistance, athletic shoes, water filtration
  • Food – freeze drying process, bacteria testing, baby formula
  • Comfort – memory foam, air purifiers, space blankets, super soaker

Reestablishing Your Routine

As many of the stay-at-home orders begin to be lifted around the world, many find themselves into a not so normal routine. With the lockdown due to coronavirus, most of us developed some bad habits in terms of diet, eating, viewing, scrolling, hygiene, and production. As the world begins to piece itself back together, there are many ways to use tech to reset your routine.

  • Use your smart devices to track water intake, food consumption, and workouts
  • Set screen time limits on your phone, laptops, and for your television
  • Smart speakers can create a better sleeping environment through sounds and alarms
  • Set reminders to step away from the work screen to stretch, walk, and rest

Apple’s WWDC Takes on New Look

The rumor mill is swirling as WWDC is set to take place June 22-26. With much fanfare around the first ever all-digital developer conference, we are hearing that software is going to be center stage with limited hardware announcements. The event will boost 100+ engineering sessions, new developer forums, 1-on-1 developer labs, and special keynote presentations.

  • Software updates to iOS 14 – home screen listing, fitness app, and message mentions
  • Watch OS 7 – parental control, schooltime feature, and blood oxygen tracking
  • Hardware updates to a new iMac, a big redesign is anticipated after many silent years
  • This all-digital event may serve as a catalyst for future Apple events if successful

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