Net Neutrality and Cloud Outages

Skype outage, Net Neutrality and Digital Billboards.  Are they lighting up your life?

Show Notes

1.Skype Outage
For many of us, the Skype outage of nearly 24 hours put a major damper on communication lines and business transactions. In fact, we had to postpone this episode due to Skype issues. This raises questions as to if “cloud” computing is really the best way of conducting ourselves. Are we placing a bit too much trust in Internet-based storage? We discuss this and the specifics of the outage.

2. iTunes 12 Days of Christmas RetractionLast podcast, we stated that the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app would be available in the US soon. In the spirit of trustworthy reporting and transparency, the iTunes promotion will NOT be available in the US, only Europe and Britian.

3. FCC Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality is back in the news. As a matter of fact, it probably never left the tech realm from the moment the phrase was coined. We open the discussion back up by talking about regulation verses deregulation and free systems of access verses closed systems of access. Finally, really start thinking about the personal impact of a net neutrality ruling as it pertains to how to receive, access, and share information across the Internet.

4. Digital Billboards
Those flashy billboards sure are pretty to look at aren’t they? As we continue evolve from a print-based to digital-based society, new tech is designed in many forms such as advertising and marketing. Digital billboards are one such evolution but we are not sold on the idea. The public safety, public health, and energy concerns are too grave to ignore in this case.

5. Happy Holidays: From our family to yours, have a safe and joyous holiday season.

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