Net Neutrality Future, Netflix Viewing And Facebook Security

On Episode 340 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the ever changing world of technology and share news that means something to you.  We start by reviewing the recent Delta outage and how outages are impacting travelers and the airline business.  Netflix has a category called Special Interest, where we can find interesting and unique programming that most of us had no idea existed on the video platform.  The future of net neutrality is uncertain and we often some insight into what this means for the consumer, the business owner, the content creator, and the Internet service providers.  Finally, we dive into the newest two-factor authentication method employed by Facebook – a USB physical security key.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

United suffered an outage last week and this week reports surfaced of Delta experiencing an outage that halted nearly 300 domestic flights.  Delta stated a major IT problem was to blame.

  • CEO Ed Bastian said, “This type of disruption is not acceptable to the Delta family.”
  • Delta lost an estimated $150 million during the 2.5 hour outage and was forced to hand out travel vouchers and customer refunds
  • Delta’s website and apps went down adding to traveler’s frustrations
  • In August 2016, the airline lost power at its operations center in Atlanta resulting in 2,000 flight cancellations over several days

Netflix has it all!  And if you don’t believe us, check out Netflix’s “Special Interest” category.  Many do not know of this special category that has been available to users since 2008.

  • Find films, stories, and documentaries on fishing, magic, religious topics, and more
  • Special programming available on nature, travel, knife fighting, historic pubs, and plays
  • Netflix is narrowing its options due to its surge in original content creation, yet these special interest options continue to be a home for filmmakers and producers

The newest FCC Chairman, Ajai Pai (appointed by President Trump) is on record as not being a fan of net neutrality.  So we ask the question today – What if Net Neutrality Goes Away? The question is a large one to answer so we unpack it bit by bit.

  • No net neutrality allows content providers to determine what content you get
  • Lack of regulation permits mega-corporations to throttle and control deliver speeds
  • Net neutrality offers an even playing field for mega-corporations and small startups
  • Supporters argue that the Internet is an open product, free from borders and limitations

An estimated 6 billion accounts (emails, banks, apps, etc.) were hacked in 2016.  Facebook is going to be offering an extra security with USB key support.  Two factor authentication is here.

  • A “dongle” must be used on a desktop machine to log-in and verify account information
  • This is a new development in stepping up additional layers of personal security
  • Will we see a future of having a set of security keys to access and browse our accounts?
  • Dongle use is still unproven to be a customer approved method for security protocols


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