Net Neutrality Updates And Holiday Tech Help

We are diving into some relevant stories hitting the tech headlines this week.  In the biggest news this week, the FCC filed draft papers to essentially kill off existing net neutrality regulations.  We provide a very in-depth look into what net neutrality is, what this means for users and business owners, and how our bottom lines may be affected.  We share the story of a recreational drone pilot arrested for flying a drone over NFL stadiums in an attempt to drop politically charged leaflets.  The Dish and CBS negotiations limited viewership over the Thanksgiving holiday for many customers and share a different side of the negotiation table that many have not.  And finally, we shares some ideas on how you can be a technological resource this holiday season when around family and friends.

Recreational Drone Pilot Arrested and Released

A Bay Area man was arrested on Sunday after successfully navigating a drone over two NFL football stadiums in Oakland and San Francisco.  The pilot was attempting to drop several politically charged leaflets into the crowd, yet was unsuccessful due to weather conditions.

  • Surveillance cameras picked up the driver and caught his license plate
  • Recreational drone use still proves to be a major safety concern for the FAA
  • The man was arrested and misdemeanor charges were filed, then was released
  • Proper recreational drone use still needs attention by the FAA and the users

Dish & CBS Thanksgiving Followup

Last week we reported that negotiations between Dish Network and CBS may impact customers over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  In fact, that did happen and several Dish customers went to social media to have their voices heard.  But was it Dish’s fault?

  • CBS was able to utilize the holidays to leverage their position against Dish
  • In doing so, CBS successfully had the finger pointed towards Dish as the culprit
  • Customers missed out on NFL football viewing and other important holiday staples
  • The cable industry is slowly changing and access in the future may look the same

Net Neutrality – What Happens Next

The FCC official entered into the regulatory process the bills to essentially kill off the well established and well embraced net neutrality rules, which provides equal access to all internet points, apps, services, and platforms.  The new draft rules have major implications to us as users and business owners.

  • Broadband providers may throttle, block, and limit access to apps not owned by the ISP
  • Two lanes of access, basically free and pay walls, may be created by the providers
  • Startups, new business will spend more for access than major corporations
  • Comcast, AT&T, Verizon has all taken part in blocking and throttling access to date

The Holidays Are Here – Help the Family With Technology

With Thanksgiving passed and Christmas and New Year’s less than a month away, you will be around friends, family, co-workers, and more strangers more than usual.  So when the topic of technology comes up, company will inevitably begin asking you questions about how to fix, what went wrong here, and how do I do that.  Be a resource this holiday season.

  • Be sure people’s computers and devices are updated, both with firmware and antivirus
  • Help them if they believe an email looks like a phishing scheme or spam
  • Show them how to update their router setting, set-top box systems, privacy settings
  • Educate your friends and family on the importance of backing up information and data


Drone Pilot Drops Leaflets

Net Neutrality – Again

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