NetFlix On XBox 360 Facelift And Mobile App Development

We hope you enjoyed last week’s episode from the Waves of Tech and we offer this week’s show up with a discussion focusing on mobile app development for local government and breakdown the latest facelift NetFlix has on the XBox 360. Be sure to join the conversation  and supplying a few comments about the show.  Sit back and enjoy as you ride…the waves of tech.

Mobile App Development Tips for Local Government
It’s no secret that the mobile app market can be successful across any platform or industry. The same is true for local government. With a handful of apps already surfacing the marketplaces, this may open a door to another dimension of civic interaction and government attention. We throw out some ideas and tips for developing mobile apps centered around a user’s experience. What do you think and can this venture become successful?

New Interface for Netflix on XBOX 360 – Geared towards kids
NetFlix received a new interface – Just for Kids – on the XBox 360. This channel is dedicated and focused directly on the children’s market. NetFlix has made it easier for children to bypass channel surfing by utilizing the image of characters starring in children’s cartoons to select their shows. As NetFlix continues to offer such quality upgrades to their product, we expect to see NetFlix gain more of the market share when it comes to entertainment in the child market.


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