Netflix Secret Codes

On Episode 542 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving head first into a range of technology news that you will find interesting. Netflix uses a series of secret codes in algorithmic programming to categorize genres and it is available for viewing online. A recent survey in enterprise business is reporting that nearly 40% of businesses do not have a chief data officer in an executive  position. A federal agency has launched a large-scale investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot after numerous accidents, injuries, and deaths while utilizing the system. AMC Theaters is planning to accept bitcoin this year as the digital currency grows in popularity and stability.

Netflix has Secret Codes for Movies

Algorithms are all the rage, and Netflix is no different. They help us find movies in a specific genre and subgenre that we find of interest. Come to find out, Netlflix uses a series of secret genre codes that are readily available to see at We had no idea these codes were out there and can be used in a web browser, Chrome extension, or on their website. And trust us, there are several hundred subgenres to choose from.

Chief Data Officers Lacking

In enterprise business, data is king. Data helps inform decisions, creates marketing strategies, and prioritizes consumer focus. Data storage and management relate specifically to security and privacy. A recent survey showed that 40% of businesses do not have an appointed executive data officer to make decisions on data storage, utility, automation, or scaling. In a world filled with digital data and the inflow of points, this news is incredibly shocking.

Investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot

For years there has been talks of how autopilot and self-driving technology may revolutionize the transportation industry. And with each passing year, more horror stories of accidents and injuries make headlines. Under a federal government agency’s purview, a fleet of 750,000 Teslas will be under formal investigation as the feds gather information related to autopilot incidents. In fact, any vehicle equipped with Tesla’s Autopilot or GM’s Super Cruise that is involved in a crash must submit a report to the federal agency within 24 hours.

AMC Bets on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has caught everyone’s attention over the past few years. The growing digital currency is becoming all too common and corporations see it as a viable currency. AMC announced they plan to accept bitcoin by the end of 2021 at all theater locations, joining the likes of Microsoft, Starbucks, and Etsy. But let’s not confuse this with any but what it is – a marketing plan to get the name AMC back in the mouths of movie goers and entertainment enthusiasts.


Secret Netflix codes

Lack of Chief Data Officers

Tesla Investigation

AMC Accepting Bitcoin

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