New Amazon Products and Windows 8 Changes

This week on The Waves of Tech 219, Amazon continues to improve the online shopping world by introducing Amazon Dash into the Amazon Fresh environment. Amazon FireTV makes yet another appearance in this week’s show again. In closing, we discuss Microsoft’s move to incorporate some old design features into Windows 8.1 and toss around the Mozilla CEO resignation for a bit. Thanks for checking out the podcast and we hope we continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Amazon FireTV Update
Leave it to someone in to get the latest and greatest from Amazon.  Steve purchased the FireTV only days after we discussed it in last week’s episode.  On next week’s show, he will provide a breakdown of the FireTV experience – what is good, what is bad, what is exciting, and what is innovative.  How you picked up FireTV yet?  If so, hit us up at or 661-750-2321 and tell us your story.

Amazon Dash & Fresh; The Dash
Improving upon the Amazon Fresh craze, Amazon has introduced The Dash – a sturdy device that connects to your home Wi-Fi and Fresh account, allowing you to say or scan food items directly into your Fresh basket.  The Dash is very simple to use, for adults and kids alike, and will help reduce the time you spend online filling up your grocery basket.  The device isn’t out for everyone yet, so look for the invitation in your email in-box!

Windows 8 soon to be more like 7
Microsoft made the move we have all been anticipating…bringing back of the Start Menu!  For users of Windows 8.1, you will soon be seeing some older Windows features back on your desktop at home and at work.  Microsoft obviously heard the voices of their customers and made the changes in order to get the operating system’s name out of the mud.  This doesn’t mean Microsoft is abandoning the Windows 8 ship, just improving the desktop experience.

Mozilla CEO resigns over outrage; More info
We aren’t sure if any CEO has experiences what Brendan Eich experienced in his first 10 days on the job.  As many know, he has resigned the CEO position after news was leaked that he made a personal monetary donation to the hotly contested Proposition 8 measure in California in 2008.  This raises a host of questions as far as the equity of his resignation.  What is your opinion on the matter?

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